Holy Shit – Serious Frame Control

I don’t know who this Jake guy is that’s commenting over on Dagonet’s Blog, but give this guy a medal for not putting up for any shit from his girl.  Just read the below.  Wow:

“Don’t fucking argue with women. You are the man, wear the pants! You say: Do not fucking do that to me, bitch. Don’t be a fucking bitch again. You demand respect. She has to respect your authority. You do not. I repeat. Do not explain yourself. You should have told her that, repeated the same thing until she apologized to you.

How To Handle Bitch Behavior
Bitch: [I’ve been dating a girl for a few months and because I’m
exercising my authority over her, she’s now emotionally invested
in me. I’m supposed to go see her tonight. A few hours before I’m
supposed to stop by, she sends me a text message.] Can you come
over tomorrow instead of tonight? I’m going to go out with my
girlfriend for her birthday. [She introduces a competing expectation
and tries to justify it.]
Mr. Balls: [I text her back] Don’t act like a bitch. [I punish her by
rejecting and scolding her.] Make sure you cancel ahead of time. Don’t
tell me today. [I tell her what I
expect, making sure not to justify
my expectation—at least until she
acknowledges my authority.]
Bitch: Why are you being such a
dick? [She punishes me by also
rejecting and scolding me, but in
a more passive and complaining
manner.]Why can’t you just
relax and realize not everything
revolves around you. [She employs mischaracterization.]
Mr. Balls: I told you to stop acting like a bitch. [Same punishment.]
Bitch: Ugh. I’m not. This is an
important thing for my friend,
so I’m going to go. I’ll see you
tomorrow. Don’t worry about it.
[Punishing me by disagreeing and
ignoring my expectation.]
Mr. Balls: Stop acting like a bitch.
[Same punishment.]
Bitch: Why are you doing this?
[She’s punishing me by trying to
guilt me now. She’s gone from
aggressive rejection to passive
Mr. Balls: I said, stop acting like a bitch. [Same punishment.]
Bitch: What did I do? [Mischaracterizing me as a bully.]
Mr. Balls: I just
told you. Now stop
acting like a bitch.
[Same punishment.]
Bitch: Why are you
being so mean?
Why can’t you just
be supportive?
[More passive
attempts to guilt
me into meeting her
Mr. Balls: Stop.
Acting. Like. A.
Bitch. [Same punishment.]
Bitch: Can you please be nice? [Repeat guilting. Mischaracterization.]
Mr. Balls: Stop acting like a bitch. [Same punishment.]
Bitch: I’m not. I told you she has a birthday party. What are you mad
about? [Mischaracterization.]
Mr. Balls: Stop acting like a bitch. [Different punishment. Just
kidding. Same punishment.]
Bitch: I hate it when you act like this. [Punishing with rejection.]
Mr. Balls: Don’t act like a bitch. [zzzzzzzzzz.]
Bitch: How am I being a bitch?
Bitch: If I am, I don’t mean to be. [She’s just starting to try to meet
my expectation.]
Mr. Balls: You are being a total cunt. Don’t ever act like a cunt again.
[Same punishment. More intense. Almost to the Promised Land.]
Bitch: I’m sorry!!! [She tries to meet my expectation a little more.]
Mr. Balls: Next time you do something like that, you can take your
ass out the door. If you make plans with me, you keep them. I’m
more important than your friend. [I still scold her. But now I’m also
rewarding her with a justification of my expectation since she’s trying
to meet it.]
Bitch: I know I’m sorry. I just wanted to be there for her birthday. I should have told you sooner. I’m sorry!! [Submitting more.]
Mr. Balls: Just don’t let it happen again. I don’t want you acting like
all these other bitches and skanks out there that have no respect for
their men. Guys hate those type of bitches. [Scolding with negative
association to reinforce that she should never violate my authority
Bitch: I’m sorry. I will call you in a little bit ok? [Submitting more.]
Mr. Balls: I love you, babe. But not when you act like a bitch. Go back
to acting sweet. [Rewarding her for submitting.]
Bitch: I will promise! And I’ll make it up to you. I will leave early and
meet up with you. [Trying to meet my expectation now.]
Mr. Balls: No you won’t. I’ll be over
at 7 like I planned. [Punishing her by
disagreeing since she’s not exactly
meeting it but only making a concession
about it. She’s still trying to compromise
my expectation.]
Bitch: I can’t. I told her I would be there.
[Punishing by disagreeing.]

Mr. Balls: I didn’t ask what you told her. I just told you I’m coming
over at 7pm. Be ready. [Punishing her by scolding. Giving her my
Bitch: Okay *sad face* [Technically
she’s agreeing. But she’s also trying
to punish me by trying to make
me feel guilty. This violates my
Mr. Balls: [I call her on the phone
and scold her for her attitude.] I
expect you to be happy to hang out
with me. Don’t give me that bullshit
sad smiley face. You better fucking
message me with happy smiley faces
from now on, or don’t message me
at all. [Punishing her with scolding
and rejection.]
Bitch: I’m sorry babe. I am. *crying* [Submitting.]
Mr. Balls: That’s my baby. I’m going to hang out with you for maybe a
little while, and if you’re being good, you can go to the birthday party
after. [Rewarding her for finally fully meeting my expectation.]
Bitch: I’m sorry for being a bitch. I love you, Mr. Balls [Rewarding me
with love and praise.]

That’s how It’s done.

From the free ebook principles 101 at Manhood Academy. Read that fucking book.”


The biggest takeaway I have, is that if she is seriously stepping out of line, don’t be afraid to call her out for it hard, and not back down until she is completely submitted, otherwise she hasn’t really understood/felt how she needs to.


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  1. Mind. Blown.

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