I want to be self-employed exclusively

I am so over my job.  I work long hours, I don’t get paid what I’m worth, and it’s not that challenging or rewarding.

Does it have it’s perks?  Sure.  I’ve been able to drive race cars, I’ve travelled, and I have had some fun working for my friend.  Unfortunately, he’s a dick way too often and it’s nearly eroded our friendship.  I run his business, but my hands are tied all the damn time, he’s too much of a control freak and the business is not successful enough to really invest in new product development, marketing, etc, pretty much all the things you need to really grow a business.

Worse, I’ve never lived month to month, but working here has left me living month to month WAY more than I would ever want to.  It’s horrible, I haven’t really saved anything substantial more than I had from my old job.  I’ve improved some things, but not enough to justify being broke.  This has to change.

I haven’t had that many jobs, but this one I started only because I needed to start making money again and my friend really needed my help (he lost his key employee on zero notice).  At first he was completely surprised at how awesome I was versus his previous employee and that my old work had let me resign without trying hard to get me back.  Nowadays, everything I do well is taken for granted, and any shortcomings or failures are looked at as the end of the world since he’s stressed about a million things (many related to the business/money).

I’m so over it.  I could work less hours and make more money elsewhere, but I’m not sure that I want to work in EITHER of the two industries that I now have quite a lot of experience in.  I could parlay my experience into a different industry (although this would be more difficult), but where do I want to go?  What do I want?

I want to work for myself.  Nothing has ever been more rewarding.  All the risk and all the reward.  I like this dynamic, it’s worked for me in the past on a part-time basis, and I RELISHED the freedom.  The freedom to set my own schedule, the freedom to choose what I work on.  I feel that choosing yet another job will be stifling.  Maybe something sales related that has the opportunity to travel or at least have some sort of flexibility in my schedule.

Either way, I need to contemplate these things and come up with a reasonable answer.  I have a health related issue and I’m going to have a tough recovery (to maintain a job through) once I have surgery.  I need to get on top of this so I have a solid schedule and planned recovery window.  I don’t want to be unhealthy and unhappy in a stale job that is slowly driving me into the ground.  I need to get serious and register a real business and start networking/promoting my services.  That and start taking massage clients up until I have my surgery.

Fuck, that feels good to type out, imagine actually making progress on it all, AO.  Imagine and then do it.  So far in the last two pay periods I’ve deposited 23 % of my paychecks into my savings account so that can begin growing again, forcing myself to not touch it unless it’s an emergency.  I’m going to try to maintain this rate of savings for the near future until I have a better plan hashed out looking at my actual expenses vs income.

I also have my non-running extra car up on Craig’s List.  I’m not going to spend any money trying to get it running so I can sell it for more (or possibly less depending on what’s wrong with it), I’m cutting my losses and giving it a new home (it’s somewhat collectible).  I’ve already fielded multiple interested parties and have a couple standing offers of nearly 70% of my decently high asking price.  I am going to apply for duplicate title instead of trying to dig through all my records to find the title (would take way too long).  This way I can sell it and be done with it.

This also frees up my parking spot.  I live very close to the beach, any nice day parking can be at a premium.  Freeing up this parking spot means I have full access to my garage again.  This means I can actually set out tables and have a serious garage sale/giveaway for all the shit that has collected in the garage that is mine and former roommates (and current roommate).  If I can pare the garage contents down to a reasonable level  that means I can park my car in my single-car garage again.  This opens up the possibility of renting the parking spot in front of the garage to my roommate for an extra $50+ a month or having it available for friends who visit.  The sale of garage contents should bring in hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars.

Other things I need to work on that will allow me more productivity/organization/income:

Share TV/internet with duplex in the back (already discussed with the main guy there) to bring those costs down (and my internet speed even higher since I can step up a tier and just throttle the back duplex).

Properly configured desktop computer for organization.

Repaired laptop (I broke the keyboard connector so I have to use an external keyboard killing the portability).

Current phone w/ data plan (yes, I’m a decently tech saavy guy and don’t use data, the monthly fee would easily pay for itself if I grow my side business).

More to come.


~ by aneroidocean on 09/19/2012.

3 Responses to “I want to be self-employed exclusively”

  1. Love the positivity. Stagnation never sits right and can drive any productive man crazy. Sounds like you have a nice plan forming to be ready for opportunity.

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