Proof that women objectify worse than men

I was making an offhand remark over at Staked In The Heart and I stumbled upon the proof that women objectify worse than men.  It was something that M3 said in this post where he describes women being okay with objectification only when it’s from the guys that she finds attractive.  We all know this to be a universal truth.  M3 describes telling a girl who was disgusted by the attention she was getting on a patio by male passersby, [paraphrasing] “But what about that guy that looks like Hugh Jackman over there?” and she instantly turned to look for the guy, “Where, where?”

So maybe M3’s already got it figured out, but it just clicked in my head.

The proof that women objectify worse than men is their reaction.  If a girl EVER complains about being objectified, the simplest response, the one that they can’t have ANY argument to, is that because they accept objectification from men that they are attracted to, that they are objectifying worse than anyone else.  They are ignoring all those so so looking men, men she deems to young or too old, the wrong look, the wrong clothes, etc… and in doing so, she knows NOTHING about them.  That so so looking man could have a heart of gold, live a carefree lifestyle travelling around on his yacht, successful painter, writer, etc… that many women would like to get to know, but because he simply looked at her, she objectified him back by being disgusted that he dare look at his environment, he dare try to talk to a girl because he found her attractive.

Man-shaming.  Classic.


Shame those women that choose to objectify men in this manner.  The next time a woman says something like that around you, ask them why they’re objectifying all the men she doesn’t find attractive.  Might stop their hamster right in it’s tracks (or send it into hyper-speed).


~ by aneroidocean on 09/20/2012.

3 Responses to “Proof that women objectify worse than men”

  1. for me, it is easy to hate women, to feel let down by them, especially since i used to idolize them and see them as a better, more beautiful and kind version of men.

    that’s why i really like the process that krauser is developing. i am sure others are too, but i am reading it mostly from him. in a way, it is similar to david deida’s approach. krauser calls it his “cheerful misogyny” outlook. i was calling it “baby girl” game. girls are children. women are children. a woman is like a dog.

    here is krauser:

    “Cheerful misogyny. You love women but don’t take them seriously. This is more than just the attraction phase teasing. You genuinely believe women are more like dogs or children, meaning they are a delight when well-lead and a nightmare when left ill-disciplined without a pack leader. It’s empathetic but not weak or equalist.”

    to me, this is just absolutely BRILLIANT.

    this is why i have stopped trying to shame women, or to post about their irrational, contradictory nature, and stopped getting angry at feminists. it’s huna too. energy flows where attention goes.

    i want to focus on the positive part of girls — every girl is desperately looking for a real man to lead her.

    and krauser is doing just that. leading them right into his bed. haha.

    anyway, just some thoughts on the true nature of women. i am sure you have a better outlook on this than i do. i used to really hate women, and in many ways, still do.

    • That’s a great outlook to strive for. I hope you attain it fully. Women are awesome. They are meant to inspire great things in men. I like Krauser’s outlook mixed with Danny.

  2. “Women are awesome. They are meant to inspire great things in men. ”


    yeah danny is the man. he has just about the perfect attitude towards women. no wonder he gets laid so much.

    i am not sure if it was him or someone else, but a while ago on my old blog someone wrote, “i want her but i don’t need her”. that was perfectly stated too.

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