Carpooled to a work gig in Bum Fuck Egypt today, had trouble with my main job because of it (that I resolved, I hope), and didn’t get a house tip at all.  Eeked out a few bucks in tips from a bunch of doctors, mostly from when I trained my cute friend with huge boobs to deal while I was simultaneously running the table, then loaded up all the equipment and ate some shitty Del Taco.  Finally got dropped off at my car and made it home just after 3 AM.  Considering I met for the Carpool at 3PM, I made shit money per hour if I include travel time, and I somehow didn’t realize it until just now.  Oh well, better to have money in the bank than spend it on a Friday night I suppose.  Now my morning is fucked tomorrow.

At least I got free drinks during the gig and absconded with what little beer and liquor the event left behind.

You know, another day another dollar is all good and well, but when it comes anywhere close to being literal it’s pretty painful.



~ by aneroidocean on 09/22/2012.

3 Responses to “Dealing”

  1. What kind of work gig? What do you do?

    • My friend runs a Casino events company (private parties, corporate events, anywhere they’d like to have casino games). So I help him manage events and also deal casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, etc… I am learning craps next as that pays the best and often gets the best tips. I like doing these because my friend and I work well together, and most of the events the people are having fun (because they’re not losing their own real money) and there’s a lot of action so the time passes quickly. I also like the training aspect, and not just because the girl dealers are often pretty, but it doesn’t hurt!

      I’ve just been trying to hustle more with a few side jobs so that I can build up my hours/opportunities and get off the teat (working for the man as my main job). I also give massages (I have a nice portable table) and do some computer work, but I’m just starting those again and building my client base will take some effort/time.

      • Well it certainly seems like you have great drive and are quite the jack of multiple trades. Sounds like a lot of fun too, which is what we all want in a job.

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