Date Tip

I stumbled upon something that I sort of knew, but really hadn’t solidified in my mind.  Your dates with girls, they are YOURS.  Yes, you should go on dates that girls will enjoy, but the first question should be, is it a date that you’re going to enjoy?  Is it something that you would want to do otherwise if you weren’t on a date?

If the answer is yes, THEN you should consider if the girl will enjoy it.  Now, you can’t know for sure, but usually you can tell if it’s something that the girl won’t enjoy at all.  Obviously, this becomes easier as you get to know a girl better, but if you listen to your girl you should be able to get a good idea of some options that would work.  If not, just outright bring up the activity and ask her if it’s something she’d like.

I’ve been wanting to learn guitar, but I’ve just been completely slacking on doing it.  Last night I had Rose over for a date that consisted of her picking me up some Jamba Juice ($1 special she’d found out about) and meeting at my house.  We’ve been watching The Voice (which I already DVR and enjoy, she just happens to watch it too), so I pulled up the latest episode to watch while we enjoyed our Jamba Juice.

During the show she licked my lips instead of kissing them (trying to fuck with me), so when I kissed her back and she did it again, I told her, “It’s on, no more kisses from me.”  Every time she tried to kiss me, I’d lick her instead.  She was squealing and laughing hysterically because just when she’d forgot and got comfortable with me again, I’d lick her somewhere random like her eyelid.  If she hadn’t closed her eye, I probably would’ve licked her eyeball.  She pretended to hate it, but her actions said otherwise.

After The Voice/lick session I took her into my bedroom, but instead of trying to sex her up, I surprised her by pulling out the guitar and telling her it was time for us to learn some guitar.  She offered her laptop to pull up lessons on YouTube and we were off.  We moved to the living room and I slapped her laptop on the flat screen via an HDMI cable I already had set up for laptops and we found some decent lessons online, switching off with my guitar.  She’d been wanting to learn and she said for sure that she’d bring her guitar over next time since the action on mine is really high.

We both had a blast learning row row row your boat and some other simple chorded songs, I sexed her afterwards, and most importantly, I got something accomplished that I’ve been wanting to for a while.

Taking this concept even further once you’ve been dating a girl, you can work on projects at home, run errands, whatever as long as that’s not the entire date.  Girls like to be part of the team, but you can’t just run drills the whole time with the team, you gotta let them play some.


~ by aneroidocean on 09/28/2012.

One Response to “Date Tip”

  1. I’ve been doing that with POF. I love kayaking and live near a kayaking place.

    Even if the date goes sour, I still have fun.

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