Red Pill Mail

Completely separately of this blog, I got the following letter of interest regarding the old semi-classic vehicle I’m selling (looks like I’ve got it sold, crossing my fingers, should be finalized early this week):


“hey [AneroidOcean], im very interested. i live in [beach town close by]. i had a 73, had it for 9 yrs, got married in it in vegas at drive up window with my dog as best man. 9 yrs ago my ex put my dog down to piss me off so i got rid of her and the bus. now im ready to get a new one. would love to look at it. tks.”

If I hadn’t just taken a deposit from another guy for the vehicle, I’d have SO wanted this guy to buy it, just so I could hear his stories and have my vehicle live on with someone who understands it’s value above any woman that’d take a man’s dog from him.

Happy Monday!


~ by aneroidocean on 10/01/2012.

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