Update to self-employment goal

Here’s an update to this post:

* Deposited just over 30% of my paycheck into savings, the plan is to not touch it unless I absolutely have to.  This will be tough as I just wrote a large rent check.  I may have to pull some from savings in order to cover the utility bills due.  Two tasks that will help this are:

– Bill roommate for utilities to current

– Quote the neighbors to share my TV/Internet

– Book at least 2 massage trades or 1 paid massage, 2 weeks.

– Take my change vase to the credit union’s free counter.

* Sold my non-running car for ~73% of my asking price (which was admittedly a little high) to a dude who really wanted it and will get it running and looking clean again.  This was a long process of MANY e-mails and hours of showing the car.  I could’ve held out for a little more, but he made a solid offer, towed it away THAT NIGHT with a significant deposit, and then met up with me to do title paperwork (I don’t know where the title is, somewhere in my garage) this week and gave me the rest of the money, cash.  He paid registration, he is dealing with the state  emissions test, etc…

* Talked to the neighbors about the parking spot (where my non-running car was) that they think they can now park in.  I haven’t resolved this entirely, as one of them doesn’t believe I now have exclusive use to that spot based on the terms of my lease.  I could be more pushy about it, but this really will be unarguable once I have my garage clear enough to park my car in it (this was the original reason I got the parking spot written into my lease because former roommates of the neighbor would park there despite them having converted their half of the garage into a permanent bedroom).

– Find my lease and make a copy of the parking note.

– Garage Sale(s): As many as needed to get rid of the junk

– Offer current roommate the spot for $75/mo.

* Swapped my desk/filing cabinet and the roommate’s desk positions so that his tall standing desk doesn’t block the ocean view and so my sitting desk has the best view of the ocean.  Removed all non-primary computers/monitors off my desk, wrapped cables, took them all to the garage.  Set up 2.1 audio system from my desk in my bedroom.  Set up 5.1 audio system out of the garage on my desk, cleaned EVERYTHING and routed cables so they’re all as hidden from view as possible. Removed the broken large HDTV from my bedroom (RIP), cleaned up dresser and side tables, re-routed some stuff and got rid of junk that had had been piling up, leaned nice mirror on the dresser/against the wall for now, cleaned all mirrors in my bedroom.

– Bring in 1 computer at a time and back up any data

– Any working computers kill data and restore OS for sale

– Fix laptop (on original post)

– Order battery for my other laptop

– Get rid of the rest of stuff/laundry in my room

– Clean floors

– Get pads for my bed frame risers as the bed slides when sexy time

* Cleaned up my kitchen and kitchen tables, moved a bunch of unecessary stuff to the garage to declutter.  Work in progress

* Checked my Rollover IRA (from my old employer’s 401k program).  Roughly 62k in there.  I know some people think that’s a lot of money, but it’s not and it’s not accessible without huge taxes/penalties, so it’s just kind of an emergency fund which I unfortunately did have to dip into once and which got a HUGE hit when the economy crashed.  I don’t currently contribute to this at all and haven’t checked it in probably 6 months.

– Read more to find out what my best options are for this.

* Now that I’ve sold my non-running vehicle, I have started looking into smart phones.  I really want a physical keyboard for typing, but since I am out of contract (and have been forever), I’m considering the Galaxy S3 on Verizon since that seems like the best phone out right now.  Any suggestions/comments are welcome.  I don’t want to go from ~$60/month to $110+/month with the new phone/data plan, but I think that considering how much benefit I would get from having a good phone/data (I currently only use voice/sms), there’s really no question I should do this.

* Feels good.

– Need to get health insurance

– Need to start working out, maybe find a 24hour fitness deal.

– Need to re-stock the kitchen, pre-cook meals, etc…


~ by aneroidocean on 10/05/2012.

3 Responses to “Update to self-employment goal”

  1. A lot of really cool stuff in here man. It’s a super long list of what you’ve already got done and what you still have to do, but I like that you’ve got some major, hard goals and some easier, quick ones. I find its important to have a few easy ones in there to build or keep momentum up between large ones.

    As for the phone, I’d go with galaxy 3. I just got it myself a couple weeks ago and love it.

  2. Reminds me of my saving plan started a few months ago as you would know. But you got more shit on your plate than anyone else right now!

  3. […] Eventually I got to work a little late and once I’d got some momentum everything was fine, but taking a break and writing this post has definitely helped me get past last night…at least enough to move forward.  This is my first free weekend in a long time where I could feasibly have a garage sale, which is one of my medium-term goals as outlined here and here. […]

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