Women’s Jealousy

I worked a casino gig tonight at a yacht club overlooking the ocean harbor.  It was a themed party so all the card dealers had to wear costumes (which the company provided).  I’d like to say I looked good in my outfit, but it was a costume that really none of the men looked that great in.  The women, though?  Well they looked decent to amazing (some of the girls have some assets to show off if you know what I mean).  The owner of the company had a girl he’s dating come by to drop off an extra costume that she picked up because one of the female dealers had a broken zipper that rendered her costume unusable.  This same girl joined us and another dealer for some Happy Hour appetizers and a beer after the event since there was a Yard House within walking distance.

While waiting for the owner to be done finalizing the bill with the event host (the client) before walking to Yard House I realized that the yacht club cocktail waitress I’d locked eyes with a couple times throughout the event was still upstairs and that I’d totally forgot to go try to talk to her now that the event was done and we’d already broken down all the tables and put them away.  I had talked very briefly with the owner’s girl and she had seemed pleasant and funny, so I said “Oh crap, I gotta go see if I can get the cocktail waitress’  number if she’s down” to which she replied, “which one?  The one in black?” and I gave her a knowing grin, “yep!” as I turned to make my way up the stairs, still in full costume (trust me, it is NOT my best look, but I had done the minimum of taking the stupid hat off and fixing my hair in the bathroom).  Almost up the first set of stairs I realized that I didn’t have my phone on me, so I about-faced and walked past her again in order to grab my phone out of my day bag (this costume had zero pockets….I ended up sticking my tips from the night in my sock for the lack of a pocket to put them).  As I grabbed my phone I quipped about the phone to her, she laughed and encouraged me.

I hustled up the stairs and couldn’t find the cocktail waitress ANYWHERE on that side of the building (the other side had been the casino which had been cleared out).  I figured she’d been cut already, but wanted to make sure, so I walked up to the bartender and the other cocktail server.  The bartender was a bitch to me and said, “I’ll be with you in a bit” as if me walking up near them meant I was looking for a free drink or something.  She was of course fat.  Once the bartender was done I ignored her and asked the cocktail server about the other girl.  The server to her credit gave me her location which I initially thought was inside the kitchen but figured out was on the other side where I thought it was completely empty.  I also asked for the other girl’s name, got it, then started walking off but immediately turned back for one more question.  I asked her if the girl was single, she said she wasn’t sure but that she thought so, and further that I should go talk to her.

This isn’t where women’s jealousy comes in.   I walked over to the cocktail server and while I suddenly became really nervous (I think part of it was that I hadn’t eaten in almost 10 hours at that point), I caught her as she was turning and lifting up a few dirty glasses that guests had left behind.

AO: “Hi Olivia, can you put those down for a second?”

Olivia: *smiles* “yeah” *turns to set the glasses down*

AO: “Hi, I’m AO.  You caught my eye and a few of us are headed over to Yard House to have a beer and some appetizers after this, why don’t you join us?”

[I might’ve said “me” instead of “us” but I can’t really remember.  At this point I was noticing that my hands were starting to shake.   Fuck all that coffee and not eating hardly anything in ~10 hours.  I plowed through anyway.]

Olivia: “I can’t, I’ve got a midterm tomorrow.”

AO: “Aww, that sucks [the tone was that she was missing the opportunity to join us].  Why don’t I take your number so I can take you out?”

[Bold to just ask her out since this was the entirety of our interaction throughout the night other than some eye contact and smiles from us both (but she’s a server so you never know 100%) but I should’ve solidified even a small connection/rapport with her before asking her out]

Olivia: “Yeah, okay” [I think she was flattered, I was nervous and all shaky still…so much so that I couldn’t even really gauge her reaction]

AO: *pull out my phone, wait for her to say her number*

Olivia: “Do you want me to put it in?” [I really have no idea why this came up…maybe she expected me to hand her the phone because of the way I pulled it out?  No clue…again I was a little lost just in a weird state.  Now looking back on it she might’ve been trying to not say her number out loud even though there wasn’t really anyone within earshot.]

AO: “I’ve got it, go ahead.”

Olivia: *gives number*

AO: Alright, nice to meet you.

[Then she had some kind of smiley reaction, can’t even remember what she said to say goodbye, but I walked a few steps over to where the owner was finishing up getting the final invoice amount from the client.  This is one of the reasons I didn’t talk to the server more, I didn’t want to look bad in the eyes of the client or the owner.  Not that I should’ve cared, the owner has me manage some of his events and trusts me, and the client was drunk off his ass…barely knew up from down]

Olivia looked like…well Olivia Munn which is why I’m calling her Olivia (complex, huh?):

So what’s the point of all this?  I came back downstairs and gave a little “woop” and smile to the owner’s girl and she congratulated me.  When we got to the Yard House, her opinion seemed to turn as the owner and the other dealer asked me about getting the server’s number.  She insisted that it was more likely than not that the server gave me her number just because I asked, not because she was actually interested.

Now, had she detailed any of our interaction as having an affect on this likelihood I would’ve believed her, but she just stated it because the girl was a server.  She claimed that most women will give a guy their number because they don’t want to offend the guy and then have no intention of contacting the guy back, especially a girl in her position.  I told her that she might be right that the girl had done this, but that I didn’t think so, and that girl’s don’t do that in general.  I’ve had plenty of waitresses turn me down when asking for their number for a variety of reasons.  She insisted that this is the way it is and that she was nearly sure the girl wouldn’t contact me back.  I had texted Olivia and while it was a good night and I didn’t let the owner’s girl ruin my night (especially by talking to our waitress at the Yard House and involving just her and the owner in our conversation…the owner’s girl kept trying to get into the conversation and we kept ignoring her), it would’ve been awesome if Olivia had texted me back the same night.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but this was a STRONG reminder of women’s jealousy.  I think she was just jealous that I was a charming, decent looking guy that got what he wanted, and that further she doesn’t have much of a chance with me.  Just insecurities on her part.

If Olivia doesn’t contact me back?  *shrug*  Life is still what I make it and it’s reminded me that I need to do more approaches, getting that nervous is a little much at my experience level (not really high, but not low).

Oh, and she’s not olivia because she had  tight black dress on and had some seriously curvaceous BOOTY.  Mmmm…juicy booty.

Shout out to Danny, stay up…unless you have to work in the morning…which I do.  Night!

P.S. I had to grab the Mag-Lite earlier to open my door and look at the side of my house, where some dude was pissing on the wall.  I shined the light in his eyes and told him, “What the fuck are you doing pissing on my house?  Get the fuck out of here” and he tried to argue with me.  Fucking people.

P.P.S. I haven’t showered in 3 days and got a hot girl’s number.  Throw away your excuses.



~ by aneroidocean on 10/25/2012.

3 Responses to “Women’s Jealousy”

  1. Solid job. You put some work in. Keep it up.

    • Thanks. I’m working another gig this Saturday. My goal is to game everyone. It’ll help me in the girl arena and make me more tips long term. Dealing craps officially so I’ve gotta sit down and spend a couple hours memorizing payouts. Craps is hard, but I am determined to learn it well enough to socialize while dealing it. The best craps dealers get the room going and are the center of fun.

      That reminds me, I need to hit that girl up again tomorrow since I never heard back. Probably a flake, but we’ll find out!

  2. great story man, what’s the update? “game everyone” is great advice. another thing yohami said is “taste her eyes”. i am using that concept when i talk to girls. i am just going in for a taste. it’s not an emotional referendum as to my value as a man. i am just curious and want to taste her.

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