Just a quick note to document my some awesome this Halloweiner:

1. A hot girl I used to fuck is now pregnant and gaining lots of weight.  Her tits are a lot bigger now, maybe she’s finally less self-conscious about them.  This is the girl I describe in this post.  She has an awesome halloween costume I just saw a picture of where she’s wearing a white shirt over her very preggo belly and it has two baby legs sticking out of it with blood soaking from the shirt and a pumpkin candy bucket hanging from the toes of one of the legs.  Pretty funny, but boy am I glad I didn’t get her pregnant.  That’s enough Halloween Treat for me.

I really should make a full post about my experiences with her as well as finish the MILF story. Sorry Doug1, I can’t say anything but that I suck for forgetting about it!

2. I’ve been hitting the hot tub this week after my very stressful work days and bringing Maria along, riding our bikes over (pretty short ride), and sipping ice cold beers or a cocktail while enjoying this super hot (103/104 Fahrenheit) big hot tub.  It was a great decision to go make multiple copies of my friend’s keys (who lives there). They’ve become more strict at her condo community and installed a key box for turning the jets on.  Luckily you can still go there after hours (closes at 10PM) and as long as you’re not being a nuisance, nobody kicks you out.  This is the one thing that I really miss at my place, having access to a pool and a hot tub and these are heated year round, surrounded by palm trees, and gets a really nice breeze going.

Pro Tip:  If you can find a hot tub or a heated pool near you that you can get official access to or at least be able to sneak into, do it.  Girls love it, it’s a little bit of “living up” if you don’t have a place that has one, and it’s fun to sneak in to places.  There’s one place my friend let me know about that’s RIDICULOUSLY nice that I plan to use in order to absolutely murder any remaining resistance from the next girl I date.  It’s located in a high end resort with a rolling view of the hillside down to the ocean.  It’s probably the nicest pool/hot tub combo I’ve heard about on this coast.  I can’t wait.

3. Maria said this morning that she didn’t want to get out of bed.  She has to go to work a good bit earlier than me (plus time to bike home and let her dog out), so instead of trying to kick her out anyway or being woken up by her alarm, I decided….morning sex!  I swear, if there was something that made me happier to wake up and get out of bed in the morning, they could bottle it and I’d pay stupid money for it.

Nothing wrong with giving and getting some treats on Halloween.  Go forth and sweeten your life!


~ by aneroidocean on 10/31/2012.

One Response to “Halloweiner”

  1. I’ve seen that costume before. Hilarious.

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