My Job Has Got To Go

[NOTE: I wrote the draft below on 10/26 (last week)  so it’s referencing this past weekend for a garage sale now that I’m posting it on 11/5.  This needs to be live even if it’s partial so I can reference it for a post this week.]

It’s sapping away the happiness in my life.

I fell asleep on the couch last night and slept until about an hour before I’d normally have to get up, so I moved to my bed and proceeded to be woken up by my alarm from one of the worst nightmares I’ve had.  I woke up SO frustrated.  I dreamt a long series of situations involving the CEO of my former company (out of nearly a decade at the company he was the CEO for easily 60% plus of the time and certainly the vast majority of the formative years of the company before it became much more corporate).

Now, even today I have some qualms with my employment there, but ultimately I know that I could’ve affected many of the issues I had and I always could’ve chosen to work elsewhere.  In addition, I know that he was a pretty effective CEO and that ultimately he did create a fun and team-oriented environment and I cherish the many, many experiences there.  I’d say the good sticks out more than the bad overall and I gained a lot of valuable experience and life-long friends.

However, these dreams were of my frustrations with the CEO at my former job, extending even to present day situations that my mind made up.  Waking up was pretty brutal as the LAST thing I wanted to do after those nightmares was to get up and go to work.  I SERIOUSLY considered just taking the day off (I rarely, rarely call in when I don’t feel well or am sick…as long as I’m not contagious).  I ended texting the team to let them know I was having a slow morning and would be a little bit late.  I took my sweet ass time getting out of bed, trying to push the memories of the nightmare out of my head.

Eventually I got to work a little late and once I’d got some momentum everything was fine, but taking a break and writing this post has definitely helped me get past last night…at least enough to move forward.  This is my first free weekend in a long time where I could feasibly have a garage sale, which is one of my medium-term goals as outlined here and here.



~ by aneroidocean on 11/05/2012.

2 Responses to “My Job Has Got To Go”

  1. Welcome to the club, i interviewed today for a job….It is stressful….

  2. I am eager to hear updates on your progress toward being self employed. It’s a topic in the Sphere of particular interest to me. Much more than game.

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