Flaky Women

I don’t have all the answers, but below is a small exchange between myself and a girl who I met at a bar who re-initiated contact on a weak phone close, went on 1 date with (that ended with some making out and went well overall, despite her weirdness).  She claims she has ADD and we had a decently long conversation on the subject when I met her.  Attempts for the 2nd date didn’t go well due to various circumstance.  It was kind of frustrating so I let it sit a bit and then told her I’d meet up with her in her area since I happened to be working a casino gig that night.

This ended up with me going to her apartment complex and her going radio silent.  Found out after that she’d fallen asleep but she didn’t give much of an apology.  I was not amused.  She eventually apologized more and I told her she had to come to me and set up the whole date otherwise she could kick rocks.  She made some half-hearted attempts and then I deleted her number.  She then texted me some more (this is 2 months ago):

12 AM

Jen: Are you home

1:45 AM

AO: yes [I’d been at the bars]

11 AM

AO: You must’ve been really bored

12 PM

Jen: I actually texted the wrong person lol sorry

12:20 PM

AO: Ooook

Deleting your #, you do the same

Jen: Lol um ok weirdo

[I think it’s over and done with, but then after 2 months pass, this Saturday]

11:30 AM

Jen: Heyyyy what are you doing

AO: who’s this

Jen: Jen

AO: Oh you

Jen: Haha yeah

AO: I told you to lose my number


~ by aneroidocean on 11/19/2012.

4 Responses to “Flaky Women”

  1. I wasn’t expecting your last text, made me chuckle, well played.

  2. Priceless! Not even worth playing her goofy games. You did the right thing by charging her to the game

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