Delicious Tacos

I’ve been reading Delicious Tacos and I am really impressed with his latest writing, so I’ve been digging into his archives.  Here’s a gem I came across from early this year.  Some choice quotes:

I had to change my “looking for” ages from 18-35 to 24-35.  I had to change it because 19 year old girls stopped messaging me once I admitted I was looking for them.

Not that he had to change his age range because girls were messaging him that he was a creep for even considering girls that young, but because young girls stopped messaging him when he said he was looking for them.  More credit to the allure of a younger girl getting a seasoned man as rare and devious.

I tell girls my own age about this predilection, and they’re always like “Jesus, Tacos, what do you talk to them about?”  I don’t know, dude– what do I talk toyou about?  I go on dates with 33 year olds too, and let me tell you: they’re not finally explaining quantum mechanics to me in a way I can grasp.  The 33 year olds I date off OKC are pretty much exactly like the 19 year olds– they’ll laugh at your jokes and kind of build on them but rarely take the conversation in a new direction themselves or make you laugh.  You get in their car and some fucking Lady Gaga comes on the stereo, just like she if was 19.  It’s not like the 33 year old is going to pleasantly surprise me with some remastered recording of Rachmaninoff playing Bach, and marvel with me about the expressive tone this motherfucker gets out of a piano, which I’d heretofore not thought was an instrument capable of such, you know, colors…  and maybe even Rachmaninoff would supplant Glenn Gould as the foremost keyboard interpreter of Bach in my mind because of the CD this chick popped in in her 1997 Volvo.  No, she’s playing Lady Gaga just like every other retard.

YES.  Look, of course there are exceptions, but in the dating market, there are a LOT of late 20s and early 30s girls acting and thinking VERY similarly to college age girls.  In many cases, they are far pickier and less femenine than the younger girls.  Why exactly would I date exclusively girls my own age?  There’s very little compelling reason.  The two girls I currently date are younger than me but in their late 20s and their bodies are still tight like an early 20s girl, but aren’t really that much more mature than them.  Hell, Rose just texted me telling me she was upset with me this morning.  I’m 99% sure it’s because I didn’t respond to her texts after 10PM last night.  Really?

Anyway, Delicious Tacos are great, you should have some.

~ by aneroidocean on 11/21/2012.

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  1. good post, will check out the DT site.

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