I really want to post a true story like this in 2013. It would be a nice top off to the rest of my year’s plans in self-improvement. I also realized that a friend of mine has a legitimate photo studio with what was $10k of lighting/equipment when he purchased it all a while ago.

Killer story from Krauser:

Krauser PUA

Another day, another Serb.

The Lord’s year of 2012 has been an interesting one in my upward ascent towards achieving the success with women that I’d like. Scanning back through my voluminous archives a keen observer could characterise 2009 as my Beginner’s Hell. That’s when I first learned about Game and committed to a program of cold approaching and skills acquisition, self-consciously trying to become a PUA. I didn’t get laid at all in 2009, running around like the kind of clueless dickhead I now make fun of. It was a rough year and by far the longest dry spell of my adult life. I rang in 2010 by knobbing a chubby black chick I’d brought home after a New Years Eve party, my first game-inspired lay. You could characterise this second year as being my transition from chode to pussyhound, hardly an honourable title but the rewards…

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~ by aneroidocean on 11/27/2012.

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