tHorny Rose

I had to retell this after seeing Rivelino’s POST earlier.  I think that really, having sex vs. making her your whore is one and the same.  You just have to calibrate and if you have a strong frame, she will gladly follow and be immensely turned on by everything you do, even if you tell her you’re not going to give her what she wants:

So Rose’s cat died.  I haven’t seen her for a while since it happened, so yesterday she wanted to come over and go for a walk and talk  She’d been pretty bummed.  I got home from work late so she went out to return some stuff at some random chain store.  I was talking to my good buddy on my drive home who is very good with women and he suggested something I hadn’t thought of.  He suggested I go get her some flowers.  He said I could stop at the grocery store and get a dozen rozes or at least a small bouquet for $10 or less and that since it wasn’t really a traditional event where you’d give a girl flowers that she’d really appreciate it.

I thought about it.  This guy has never led me wrong, so I went ahead and grabbed some sweet pears and other salad fixings and picked up a nice little arrangement for under $10 bucks.  Rose was super happy to get out of the house since she’d been sad and just at home the days before.  She was excited to see the flowers, complimenting me on them, not knowing that they were for her as I’d already put them in a really cool squiggly vase and thrown away all the fancy wrapping crap.  I’d never given her flowers before, she just assumed I had flowers in the house (note to self…have flowers in the house randomly, it makes things look so classy).  When I told her that they were for her and that I thought she needed something to have in her room that would brighten her day and not make her as sad when she’s at home, she melted.  WAY more effective than on a regular occasion.

She kept asking if she could help me as I prepared a quick salad and sliced an avocado to top the tri-tip nachos I had leftover from a few days prior that I planned to reheat and eat after the salad.  I told her that no, she could sit and talk to me, but that she wasn’t allowed to help right now, that she just needed to relax and enjoy chatting with me.  She did and was happy as a button.

Later on after we caught up on The Voice and it was getting late, she told me to leave everything there that I was walking to the kitchen and begged to go in the bedroom before she had to leave.  I made her wait so I could take a shower.  I think she forgot entirely about her cat.  I teased her for a long while and then straddled her stomach, reaching back to finger her while she sucked on me.  She begged me to fuck her, but I told her no, that I knew that’s what she wanted, but that this is what “I” wanted.  I could visibly see her shudder and get even more turned on.  When I moved off her and stood by the bed while grabbing a condom, she wouldn’t stop sucking on me, almost ravenously.  She came even more than usual and was REALLY submissive.  It turned me on even more and after she begged me to please come, I covered her in it, up to her neck.  She cooed and when I brought her the tissue box for her to clean up, she was shocked and turned on at how much I’d covered her with and how far up.

It was fucking hot.  Maybe there is something about death that makes people horny.  I sent her with the flowers in a grocery bag and she was happy as could be.  That’s my cool vase dammit.

Maria comes back from Hawaii today.  Might have to invite her over for the hot tub tonight.  I could use the relaxation and the hot dual shower afterwards.  Getting a half chub just thinking about it.


~ by aneroidocean on 11/28/2012.

4 Responses to “tHorny Rose”

  1. dude, great story. i love the push pull of 1. giving her flowers but 2. not fucking her but making her suck you off.

    “She came even more than usual and was REALLY submissive.”

    of course. the more you are her master, the more she will want to be your little kitten.

    you are doing awesome.

  2. fucking her really good = choking her = dominating her physically and psychologically = making her your whore

    vanilla sex = no one talks = romantic and gentle = boring sex = NOT making her your whore

    that’s what i meant

    • I think you mistake treating a girl like crap with dominating her. I agree that you definitely don’t want to be vanilla, but the bigger thing is to mix it up and overwhelm her, physically, emotionally, etc..

  3. “I think you mistake treating a girl like crap with dominating her. ” i think you are absolutely right. i need to think about this more.

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