I love you all…but I’ve been working my ass off

More to come, ranging from topics such as why is AneroidOcean fatter than he’s ever been before, to how do you make it snow on the south-west coast during the holiday season, to how much of an awesome red-pill influence my coworker is.

But for now, an awesome example of let’s just be friends in person.  Sure, we don’t know the whole story, but how fucking awesome would it be for someone you don’t even like but tolerate to create something this awesome for you?

Let's Just Be Friends





I can just SEE the girl’s thought process (internally or out loud to her other female friends), “Eww, just because I said let’s just be friends he didn’t get it.  He is such a creep omg he must be creepily mouth-breathing and jerking off to me while painting this with his penis in his mom’s basement.  OMG EWWWWWWW *vomit*”

Meanwhile, to the guy she’ll be like, “I only invited you because I didn’t want it to be awkward.  This is awkwaaaaard, just leave now.”


Time for some female entitlement memes.  Link from the comments of the imgur thread:



Happy Thursday.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post from the hotel room at ~8PM after a nice dinner and a beer as opposed to what likely will happen which is that I’ll get like 4-5 hours sleep and eat whatever fast food is made available while working my ass off for the same pay as a “regular” 8ish hour day.  I’ll be sunburnt, destroyed physically, and smell like oil and dirt.  Work straight except for short bouts of sleep and eating from tomorrow morning until likely midnight Sunday night.   Hopefully get Monday (Christmas Eve) off.


It’s still more interesting than most of my regular workdays, though, so it’s a decent trade off except for it being the WEEKEND BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Eh, fuck it, I didn’t need to go to any parties and spend a bunch of money on presents and going out anyway.  If this solidifies my plan to go to what I think will be my new favorite race track nearly 3,000 miles round-trip in a couple months and get paid for it (even if it’ll be pretty thankless pay), fuck it.  This weekend is supposed to be training/assessment for if I can run the transport trailer/rig out there and back.

Possible epic road trip in my future if this weekend works out like it should.  But my boss better not piss me off or I’ll have to tell him to fuck off and do the rest of the weekend himself.


~ by aneroidocean on 12/20/2012.

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