I’m fat

Ok so I’m sick and this post has been sitting since early December. Time to get it out there. Original below, and below that my current status:

After injuring myself, I’ve done very little exercise.  My exercise regimen used to consist of:

Monday – Friday: Mostly sit at a desk and walk around some.  Randomly lift some shit at work to help people.  Randomly meet my cousin early in the morning for an ocean swim and a little apnea (breathhold diving).

Saturday – Sunday: Bolt awake at 7:30 AM.  If hungover, sleep for another few hours.  If not, grab breakfast, gather my equipment, head to the beach.  Proceed to play competitive beach volleyball non-stop until I am either too tired, or the sun sets, or it gets too windy (rare).

I could tell you I went to the gym, or that I did some other form of workout, but none of it was consistent enough to be significant.  My diet was inconsistent.  I was overweight.  The kind of overweight where I had pudgy 6-pack if I flexed, not like beer belly overweight.  The kind of overweight where many people would tell you that you weren’t even close to fat, but because you have good posture and suck in your stomach when walking around people don’t really notice it.

I could take my shirt off and not have girls look away, but they weren’t exactly drooling over my physique.  I have a decent enough frame that I could pull it off.  I looked good in pictures where I’d be mid-jump-serve or jumping and reaching to block someone, but plenty of pictures could be unflattering.  Everyone is harder on their physique than others, but I knew I wasn’t where I should be.

This is what I had.  This is what I USED to have.  Since injuring myself (and not getting the surgery that I need to have to repair myself which is another story), I’ve been WAY less active.  As a result, I had been eating significantly less.


As a result of eating less, I wasn’t really gaining weight. However, I was losing muscle and gaining fat. Now here I am, near the end of January. I weighed myself on a scale that I’ve weighed myself on before. I’ve never weighed more than maybe 195 pounds. I’ve seen 199, and most recently I’ve seen 206.

This has got to stop. I tonight I will work on a couple organizational things, and go straight to bed so I can stop this. I didn’t think I’d ever be over 200 without some massive muscle gain.

I want to get my surgery sorted out. I want to get well under 200, say 185 or 190. And then after my surgery and recovery, I want to have much less body fat, at least a hint of a sixpack.

I should change all the above to say I will instead of I want. This phone kind of sucks for editing. Time for AO to kick it into gear.


~ by aneroidocean on 01/23/2013.

4 Responses to “I’m fat”

  1. Thats hard bro.

    I went on my current diet when I was near 200. I got down to 170, but then went back home for three weeks off the gym, gained 8 lbs, and then pulled my groin going back too strong on squats when I hit the gym again – had gained some muscle and weight over the break, but apparently not balanced muscle. Now I weigh more and am doing shitty in my diet and not exercising either.

    I’m right there with ya.

  2. Hows your injury healing up by the way?

  3. “proceed to play competitive beach volleyball non-stop until I am either too tired, or the sun sets,”

    dude, beach volleyball sounds amazing. what injury do you have? and so now you can’t play volleyball until you have surgery, is that the deal?

    weight has very little to do with exercise and almost everything to do with what you eat and how much you eat. if you really want to lose weight, learn about GI and about sugar. sugar is the killer. my ex lost 30 lbs the right way — learning about this stuff. i have never had a weight issue — well not true, my issue is the other way, i am too skinny, but what i mean is, i have never had to lose weight, so i have not had first hand experience, but i read a lot about it b/c i hate being lied to, and all that nutrition advice (the old food pyramid) was bs, and the whole “exericse to lose weight” is also bs.

  4. Good luck. Had knee surgery back in December and even being out of exercise for a month is making me feel shitty. Just this week I was already able to start doing upper body and some stationary biking, but damn if those first few days weren’t hard. After the first day I worked my back, I couldn’t extend my arms straight for 2 days because my biceps and forearms were just too weak.

    Not sure what kind of op you had, but I also had abdominal surgery a few years back, and though I didn’t get fat in that protruding belly type way, working off the soft muscles and pockets of flab that dominated my body after four months out of the gym was one of the hardest things I’ve done. Just remember that this too shall pass, and that the pain is worth going through if your peace of mind is affected.

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