Friends With Benefits Are Great

I want to expand my harem, or at least get another friend with benefits situation going.  It’s just so easygoing when you find the right woman.  A text excerpt:

Backstory: I’ve been really sick and working like mad (today marks 12 days worked in a row even while pretty damn sick).  I’ve also started a photography class with my neighbor Sally this week which meant 3 days of class after working late.  It’s been a busy week to say the least.

 The only thing I managed to do was get together for dinner with the same neighbor for a Sunday night dinner with her, her roommate, and my roommate.  That night I invited Maria over and she came by.  We hung out had a couple drinks, then she passed out in my bed with me, where we promptly boned without kissing (since I was still sick).  It was hot.  Haven’t seen or heard from her since Sunday.

AO (Tuesday): Haha I just saw the last message I sent you.  It looks like Sally and I are probably getting into that photo class [we’d been petitioning].

I got no response to the above.

AO (Friday @ 4:14 PM): I’m watching you [with a picture of my eyeball REALLY close up.  I have no idea why I sent this but I thought it was a funny/random way to initiate.  Girls LOVE random]

All messages following only ~10 minutes max apart

Maria: That totally made me jump when it showed up on my screen!  Why does my phone have an eyeball all of a sudden?

AO: It’s my eyeball!  Checking you out!

AO: It was funny putting my phone that close to my face [normally this follow up line would be too much information and my first message could be seen as weak, but we’re FWB, who cares?]

Maria: I know it’s yours!  I recognize that eyeball :)

Maria: How are things? Are you fully recovered?

AO: Still a little bit sniffly but mostly good.

AO: It’s nice cause the boss hasn’t been around.

AO: I mean I still have a ton of work, but I don’t have to deal with him as much.

Maria: That must be!

AO: How are you doing?

Maria: Been a busy week for me too.  I caught up with work stuff today at least.

AO: That’s cool.  I just cannot wait to be caught up at work [just the truth, I want all this shit off my desk and organized which means I have to get through all my work in order to have time to clean it up]

AO: What’s your plan tonight?

Maria: Gonna stop by the [bar in close by city] right now for a little.  Going to be a busy weekend for me with the training!  What’s your plan? [NOTE: She is going to train to be an official instructor for her sister’s fitness business so that she can work at the new location.  This will give her time to go to school and ditch this shitty job that is giving her carpal tunnel.]

AO: Sunday I’m probaby doing some kind of trip to LA to hang out with my buddies for the football game.  Not sure about tomorrow yet.

Maria: That sounds fun! Kinda bummed I’ll be missing the Super Bowl parties, but it’ll be for a good reason at least.

AO: Are you training both days?

Maria: Yeah it’s in LA from 12 to 10PM both days.

Maria: And it’s hands on training so I’m gonna be really sore by Monday.

[At this point, my natural reaction was to text her something really cheesy like, “Well you should come over after the [local bar] and I’ll make you sore” but I figured it would be a bit much and she probably just wants to relax before her 20 hours of training-filled weekend.]

AO: Alright, let me know when you’re done at the [local bar].  We can relax you before your busy weekend.

Maria: I’ll give you a call when I’m leaving [close by city]!

NOTE that my conversation isn’t really super exciting or intriguing and I tend to ramble a bit from time to time, but it doesn’t really matter in this situation.  I treat her with respect and talk to her like the friend she is.  Then I slip in a hang out opportunity in between her slammed schedule and offer to relax her (which is truly my goal, for us both to relax…if we have great sex too then cool, if not, cool too).


Just had an interesting song come on Pandora right now.  A selection of the lyrics:

Gladys Knight: “I’d rather live in his world than live without him in mine.”


~ by aneroidocean on 02/01/2013.

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