Girls of 2013 – Kay

Kay reminds me of a brunette Lisa Kudrow (I don’t know why, she doesn’t even look that much like her now that I’m staring at pictures of Lisa Kudrow).

I met Kay through a mutual friend that plays volleyball.  They used to be roommates, so when our mutual friend would come to a party, every once in a while Kay would tag along.  She has these big eyes that make you remember her, especially for being so petite (5’2″ ?).  She’s naturally a dirty blonde/light brunette but has been coloring her hair and the dark looks good on her.

She’s got a masters degree and is a very specialized teacher.  Analyzes students, specifically special ed at the moment.  So, she’s perfect to hang out with me.  Badum pshhh!

She’s pretty cute, girl next door type, but is definitely sharp and very straightforward.  I have known her for many months, hanging out with her/dancing with her in a group setting and have never really made a move.  I’m not quite sure why, I guess I just never really knew if she was into me and just didn’t pursue it.  She added me on Facebook pretty quickly and at some point she got my number so that she could contact me when she was in the area.  Saturday night I knew she was going to be going out with her girls in my area (at the local bars) so I told her I’d see if I could stop by and wish her a happy birthday in person.

This weekend was actually pretty good.  Had Maria over Friday night late (after she got done hanging out with friends) and went on a dog walk with her and her dog as well as my boss’ dog who I was dogsitting.  Ended up dropping off her dog and hanging out at my house, banged it out, went to sleep, then in the morning got a quick breakfast/coffee and sent her on her way (20 hours of training this weekend for her).  Then I cleaned up my house and was productive most of the day until Rose came over in the afternoon/evening and then we hung out, banged it out, and I sent her home around 10 PM.

At this point, I was feeling pretty tired and not that into going out (and drinking/dancing with Kay and her friends) so I decided I’d text her, see if they responded with where they were located, and in the meantime, put a jacket on and take the dog for a walk.  Turned out to be a great decision because the dog loved all the attention (I walked up the main drag of bars and she got lots of attention from girls in line) and Kay texted me that she was at a bar that I had just walked past at the end of the strip.

I asked her if she wanted to say hi to the dog and wandered back her way.  She responded and came outside just in time for me to meander up with the pooch wagging it’s tail and for her friends to ogle me.  I needed a shower, but women love a man with a cool dog!  The girls were in love with the dog and were asking me all sorts of questions about her. Kay thought I was just going to go home but I told her to let me know where they were going next and I’d likely meet up.  Home, shit, shower, safety razor shave, cocktail in the shower and while getting ready and I was feeling a lot more like going out.

By the time I got to her, Kay was just dancing with one girlfriend (who is engaged) at a really popular spot.  I’d walked by earlier and socialized a bit with the door guy, let the dog say hi to him and just shooting the shit.  It’s great to just spend a couple moments shooting the shit with guys when they are working in your backyard.  The dynamic changes from “this guy wants to come into OUR place” to “our place is in this guy’s neighborhood and he’s not just looking to get in” which is huge in the realm of bouncers and also hired guns.  I went on the dance floor, said hi to a guy and his wife who I know through a friend, made a pass, and couldn’t find her.  A quick trip to the bathroom and a text later and I was with them groovin’.

Kay was looking especially good, tight jeans, heels, and a sexy top.  Her engaged friend was asian and goofy as fuck, so I got her to start busting out some dorky dance moves with my wannabe usher moves and then I’d go back to dancing with Kay.  Lots of guys would try to move in on either of the girls and in some cases I’d let them.  Half for the entertainment value (before moving in and rescuing the girls) and half because they needed to do some work themselves and not rely on me to protect them.

There was one indian dude that had us all doubled over in laughter.  He came in with his hands on the back of his head, flapping his elbows like a falling bird and sitting back on the bench facing the dance floor dancing like a crazy man (trying to be sexual).  I pawned him off on the two huge fatties to our right and within minutes he was making out with the bigger of the two.

All in all a fun night.  I gave her a couple super short stripper dances just to fuck with her, then walked her and her friend to their car and hopped in so they could drop me off at my house.  She got out of the car to give me a hug good night and as she turned to get back in the car, I said, “Hey,” caught her arm, spun her back around, and laid one  on her.  Just a short french kiss and then I said, “there’s a birthday kiss for you” and she said “Thank you, I hadn’t got a birthday kiss yet!” and I replied with, “I know, that’s why I did it” and turned and walked off to my front door.

I texted her afterwards, “Mmm you taste good, but besides that, [the dog] nearly knocked me over getting into my house.  She is too cute I had to take her to the sand.”  [Which I actually did, I took her straight out to the beach for a nice middle of the night walk since it was warm out]

Her response a few minutes later, ” Haha.  Why thank you ;) Glad I got my b-day kiss!  Very soft lips by the way.  Kudos to you!”  [Yes, she is a dork]

“FYI, I take my dog to the beach every Sunday if you ever want to tag along.”

Me, “Sounds good.  Night”


I hit her up in the morning and she didn’t respond for a couple hours (she slept in).  We chatted a little and I told her I would’ve liked to have hung out earlier, but that I had plans the rest of the day.  Later in the night I made one less stop than planned so I ended up home early and she ended up with some friends for another birthday celebration in my backyard, so I told her to come by on her way out (since she abruptly decided to leave right when I got home).

Turned out a guy who had been “friends” with her for about 4 months had tried to kiss her and she was a little upset and weirded out and felt like she needed to just go home.  I talked her down a little bit, made her go park her car, went for a walk down by the waves crashing, then back to my house for some more conversation, flirting, and dorking around before I walked her back to her car to make out before she left.

A good weekend and a little start on a new girl to date for 2013.  I have a feeling she will be a tough nut to crack, but I feel like our conversation revealed to me exactly how I will go about seducing her.  If I had more than this break from work, I’d re-write this jumbled mess, but hopefully someone gets something out of this.  I especially liked how I was a “friend” (good acquaintance) that had known her about as long as this other “guy friend” who weirded her out by trying to get physical with her after that long of a time, but it worked for me and not for him.  I also laughed when she told me that I’d actually met the guy one time and that I’d told her (I was probably drunk so I was even funnier), “Really, Kay?  This guy?” after I’d met him.


I’m going to call my approach, “cocky/dorky” instead of “cocky/funny.”


~ by aneroidocean on 02/04/2013.

5 Responses to “Girls of 2013 – Kay”

  1. Sometimes cocky/dorky is the way to go. Being able to tailor your game to a certain situation is what having good game is all about. Good stuff

  2. If it works, it works man. The lessons in your stories may not be immediately apparent, but don’t let that concern you.

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