Tom Leykis

Look guys, on the west coast and in other good radio markets, there was a show called the Tom Leykis show.  This man, while crude in some instances, speaks the damn truth.

If there was a red pill radio show you should be listening to, it’s his.  You can listen to it for free online as well as many other ways.  If you manage to find the archives, let me know as I’ve been wanting to download them.  He got VERY good ratings and was under contract for a long time but NOT on the air due to his employer’s choice to change radio station formats.  He’s been back since April now online.  Go here and listen.  He’s hilarious and speaks super frankly and has great viewpoints/insight into women and relationships.

There are a bunch of ads (on the website), and I know it sounds scammy, but it’s not.  This guy is legitimate and I love his show.  Listen and learn from The Professor.  How could you not like a guy that had a radio show that ran a feature called “Flash Fridays” where he encouraged his listeners to turn their headlights on during the day and his female listeners to flash any car they saw with their headlights on.



~ by aneroidocean on 02/05/2013.

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