Thankfully there are Delicious Tacos around

because I just got all pissed off at the local college for having such a shitty system that locked me out after a couple password attempts.  It takes 24 hours for IT to unlock my account. I can’t pay for my class/register/print out my class schedule which means I can’t get my student ID (that’s necessary to have), so I took time out my slammed work day for nothing.  And for the fat fake-nice bitch at the counter to give me sarcasm about “writing down my password in my school notebook” like I’m a fucking 5 year old.

Fuck you, fat bitch.  Fuck you.


Like I said, thankfully there are Delicious Tacos to make me feel better with lines like this:

“I slay more pussy than the animal shelter…”


~ by aneroidocean on 02/06/2013.

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