Who’s my Valentine? Shoot her hamster through the heart!

I went on a date with Kay recently, which I’ll detail in another post, but Valentine’s Day came up because there was a little advertisement on the table when we arrived at the restaurant/concert venue that I’d selected.  She picked it up and remarked that it was on Valentine’s Day, so in a mocking/sarcastic/over the top tone I read it like an announcer on a TV infomercial.  After a moment of confusion/interest she realized that I was reading off the back of the card she was holding up, smacked me, and laughed.

Now here’s the part that some of you are welcome to use (and really, only those of you who have good relationships with your mothers should even attempt this as it’s rooted in reality for me).  The topic of if I had a valentine came up and I wasn’t going to avoid it, not only because I was comfortable and confident in my answer, but because it was also only the 2nd/3rd time I’d hung out with Kay in a 1 on 1 date-type setting:

Kay – So do you have a valentine? [smiling]

AO – Of course I do [grinning back]

Kay – Is it the dog? [she’s got a sarcastic sense of humor, but this was pretty lighthearted teasing/flirting on her part and I was expecting it as the last time we’d hung out I’d introduced her to my boss’ pretty cool dog, which fortunately looks REALLY like her dog]

AO – Nope [with a chortle]

Kay – Is it me?

AO – Haha, no…

Kay – [Still smiling but obviously a little dejected at my quick no] Who then?

AO – My mom, she’s the best girl in my life.

Kay – Awww

AO – She asks me every year and I always say yes.

Kay – But what about your dad?

AO – Oh, I’m sure they’re each other’s valentines, but he’s gone a lot…. [I won’t bore you with the rest of the conversation, but I explained that my dad is gone a lot…work related…and I planned to cook dinner for my mom or do something with her if she was free]


This is what it does to their hamsters, guys:


The best part is that this is 100% true.  Yes, I do use it a bit as an excuse to not do a lot for girls I’m dating for Valentine’s, but if they press it further, I just explain that I really mean it (I do!) and that I don’t really believe in the commercialized holiday, never have, and because my mom is so sweet and always asks me every year to be her valentine and gives me a heart shaped box of chocolates or something similar, I always do something to show her I appreciate her despite not really subscribing to the holiday in general.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/11/2013.

7 Responses to “Who’s my Valentine? Shoot her hamster through the heart!”

  1. Genius. I am stealing it.

  2. Well aren’t you just too dern sweet. I like the name Kay. You should date her. Wait…

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