Spin that wheel

Last night I dealt Roulette at an event at the Ritz Carlton hotel for some kind of media group.  There were a few decent looking ladies, the people were friendly, and my table was absolutely SLAMMED.  The pitboss (my friend who owns the company and whom I deal cards/manage for) came over while it was really busy and started stacking chips for me immediately, seeing as how I was twice as busy as any of the other roulette tables.


The structure of the buy-ins for the event and our lack of our normal amount of roulette chips made for a really hectic game.  Fortunately, the players were pretty on top of their high value chip bets and with little exception I was able to run the table like a seasoned veteran, keeping the game moving quickly and the players happy.  After the pitboss came over and started helping me, even MORE players came to the table.  It was the busiest roulette table I’d ever dealt, I had players practically standing in my spot and across the roulette wheel where you’d normally never allow players, but with some occasional pitboss help, I was able to accommodate the guests.

One lady (likely in her forties) was especially friendly and came in and out of the table throughout the night.  She wanted some AO, I could tell.  She brought me wine from the open bar and stuck around at the end of the night talking to me as I put away chips and cleared the table.  She guessed I was a full 9 years younger than I am (dressing well makes you look better, that’s for sure) and got drunker and drunker throughout the night.  At the end when I was breaking down, she couldn’t even answer some questions because she was so drunk.  She did admit that she had a daughter that was 17 at one point in our conversations.

I knew that if I asked her if I could see the view from her hotel room I could’ve taken her up to look at the ocean view while banging her senseless.  It’s too bad she was definitely below my threshold for physical interest, but I was friendly and flirted enough to hopefully get some kind of tip.  Unfortunately, she wanted me to tip her, not the other way around, if you know what I mean.  I could only think about whether her daughter was bangable at all, until I heard her daughter was 17 and then I lost all interest.  I told her to have a good night and all she could do was drunkenly sway there, trying to think of something to say and coming up with nothing.  If only she’d been younger/more attractive to me, I wouldn’t have minded staying in the Ritz Carlton on someone else’s dime.

It’s too bad my table was so packed, I wouldn’t have minded having the time to flirt with some of the attractive ladies at my table.  All the dudes were too much of dorks to figure out that I wasn’t asking them what they were drinking because I cared, but rather because I wanted a damn drink myself.



~ by aneroidocean on 02/12/2013.

5 Responses to “Spin that wheel”

  1. Man. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that regularly buys hired guns drinks. I never see it when I go out – but I will always, ALWAYS buy a male bartender a shot to do together (or a drink for the slower kind of hired help). I don’t go fancy, but enough to have fun and show appreciation besides just a tip.

    On the flip side, I never buy other people I meet at bars a drink until they buy me one first, and always a lower cost shot. Usually Jameson or Jose. It’s not that I’m stingy, its that I’m not there to impress anyone. I’m there to have fun. Introducing them to a new drink isn’t the point, its to have a moment together and see where it goes.

    Like to go see the view from a hotel room.

    • I agree that it can be a good strategy to buy male bartenders a drink, but if I’m not sure if they’ll appreciate it, I prefer to go straight cash.

      In addition, I will tip for waters or non-alcoholic drinks since almost nobody does and bartenders almost universally appreciate a dollar tip on a water a lot more than they do 2-3 dollars on an expensive drink. Tipping large when you get your first drink is often more effective than tipping large at the end of closing out a tab.

      I always try to get hook ups first with the male bartenders and the least attractive female bartenders. The barrier to entry is lower as unless the guy is REALLY good looking he’s not getting anywhere near as much attention as the cute female bartenders. Once you’re in with the male and the uglier bartenders, they almost always have a good relationship with the rest of the bar staff and the cute female bartenders, so you end up getting hooked up by the hot chicks who don’t really need to hook you up and are harder to get hook ups from through the staff network.

      Seriously, I’ve had hot girl bartenders that you can barely get a curt smile out of with your best charm AND good tipping, turn into someone super warm, super happy, and that REMEMBERS your name and what you drink, simply because the not attractive female bartender already likes you, hooks you up, and has introduced you as a good customer/cool guy as opposed to you just being some customer.

      I really ought to make a post on this topic.

      • I’d love to hear a post from you on the topic. Your experience sounds about the same as mine; though you’ve worked behind the counter of several establishments where I haven’t. For instance, I’ve never had a hint that they’d appreciate a tip more than a drink.

        Definitely agree with you that if you’re going to a place for the first time though, tip early and big rather than late and big. Same experience as well with the male/ugly staff and getting the cute ones. I know at my usual hang out that I did a post on (the feel like a King one) I now am able to talk more with the cute tender that knows my name when I don’t know hers than the uglies that are actually less pleasant and more abrasive.

  2. Depending where you live, 17 could be legal. Sounds like a decent night and you asserted value in front of that pitboss. Can’t go wrong there.

    • The daughter wasn’t around, just the older mom that was not attractive and was so drunk she couldn’t even have a conversation. Definitely had a good night and my friend (the pitboss/owner of the company) has taken to call me the roulette master and I made some okay tips…can’t complain.

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