I had to reblog this great post from Ride With Blaze. I had so much to say about it though in a comment, that I’m posting my comment here for you guys to get an idea of the power of networking/social proof:

“Social proof is just an aspect of networking. Networking is HUGE. If you network efficiently and are social with the right people, there is absolutely nothing more powerful in life for the level of time/money invested. Seriously. If there’s anything close to a free lunch in life, it’s the benefits of networking.

I’m by NO means an expert and my network I’m sure is pretty small compared to someone who really puts a concerted effort into it, but even so I now have male and female friends who bring cool people (intelligent, social, well connected, successful, good looking, etc…) to my house to hang out/party. Even those that don’t talk me up still have to explain who I am, what I’m about, where I live (right near the beach and the local restaurants/stores/bars), etc…

There are nights where I end up having a girl friend bring over not one, not two, but THREE cool girls, at least one of which I find very attractive, and we have a great time pre-partying at my place out of my stocked bar (and because these are quality people they usually bring a bottle or something to add to the stock), then we head out to enjoy the nightlife, get some more drinks, do some dancing, etc…

Because I’ve tried to get at least 1 or 2 of the bars in my area on lock down, they see enough people saying hi to me and us walking in past long lines (even with guys in my group) that I am catapulted in their minds well above nearly any guy around. Men with more money, better dressed, in much better shape, taller, better looking, etc… none of them stand much of a chance.

This is the ideal of any man. Sure, I like to hunt, but I definitely am not complaining about quality prey being brought right by where I sleep. I can only imagine what I could achieve both financially, personally, and sexually if I put some significant effort into networking/social proof.

On the flip side, my female friends love me because partially because my guy friends are cool, tall, athletic, smart, financially sound, and very social/laid back. I once invited a girl (who is now a great friend) out from a dating site, letting her know that she wasn’t my type but that because she played volleyball and she was new to town and seemed very genuine/well put together, that I’d like her to come out and I could introduce her around to my friends, get her some games, etc… She ended up meeting us at a restaurant/bar (around the time switchover) and I’m at a table with not 1, not 2, but 4 other guys who are great people, all 6’1″ or above (she is a tall girl), and volleyball players.

This girl social proofs for me a RIDICULOUS amount. I have to downplay it hard because she tells people I’m the best ever and when she moved to the area I made her life so awesome because I introduced her to all the right people, I’m so cool/great, blah, blah. I almost want to self-deprecate some to make up for it because it ALMOST makes me uncomfortable until I realize that her doing it has nothing but upside for me. I love that girl. A close guy friend of mine who was there the first night I met her, I told him that I messaged her out of the blue on a dating site, and he was surprised but we laughed pretty hard about it because I made up some story on the spot when I introduced her around and she ran with it almost perfectly.

Something out of nearly nothing, that’s networking/social proof.”

Some day in the future I will make a length post highlighting some of the power of networking social proof even at a lot to medium level like I practice now. This is helping me highlight how much more I need to be using this SUPER powerful tool to carve out my desired place in this world.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/19/2013.

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