Roosh V Forum

Roosh V Forum

Not all of you may be a fan of Roosh or some of the users on his forum, but there is seriously some great material/topics on there.  I’ve been reading lots of blogs lately and haven’t taken the time to write more, but the roosh v forum in general has definitely been inspiring me.

I wanted to point out this post, great logistics break down.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/26/2013.

5 Responses to “Roosh V Forum”

  1. you are being very gullible, tons of information out there has shown the user to be a fraud and a lot of the stuff on his forum to be nonsense and BS. You should start to seek better sources of information.

    • You provide no proof when making such a grandiose statement. Even if roosh embellishes there is a ton of valuable information from some of the absolute best in the community on his forums so overall thanks for the comment but it doesn’t seem to have much credence

      • some of the best in the community? what community? sex tourists?

        ya, lets make a forum where registration is open 1st of every month and lets ban people for the smallest things. Not to mention tons of hate threads against Indian people and Roosh trolling teenage girls. Feel free to post on a forum most legitimate PUAs and dating coaches look as a joke.

        • Which forum? You sound like a bitter person who chooses to spread hate instead of information, such as a suggestion for a “better” forum.

          • I am not bitter, just truthful and do not like you saying the forum is useful because it breeds hatred and ignorance. As for a better forum, Post Masculine and Lovesystems are far better forums.

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