Flake Texting

Backstory: This chick texted me out of the blue, months after I got her number and the trail ran cold. I responded trying to figure out who it was, we went on one date, it went well, made out with her a little, then she was still running cold. Figured out this girl really does have ADD and on top of that american cuntery. Was in her area after a work gig and decided I’d swing by and join her in the hot tub but she either fell asleep or pretended to because I showed up at her apartment complex and she stopped responding. Waited while I ate my burger (was starving after the gig), then bounced.

I then told her she sucked and I wasn’t wasting my time with her. She apologized and said she’d come to my area and take me out, that she’d fallen asleep blah blah blah. Told her to prove it. She became wishy washy and I told her to delete my number. She’s texted me since at least once out of the blue and I asked her “who is this?” and then told her “I thought I told you to delete my number” or something to that effect. Haven’t heard from her in 3+ months.

Out of the blue:

Mackenzie: Hey how’s it going (3:57 PM)
AO: Why did you keep my number? Are you bored? (6:29 PM)
Mackenzie: Because you’re cute (6:30 PM)
Mackenzie: Yes
Mackenzie: Why do you have mine (6:34 PM)
Mackenzie: Ok good talk (7:14 PM)

AO: There is no place in my life for flakes. Go away. (2:15 PM)
Mackenzie: Shhh (2:15 PM)
AO: Bye (2:17 PM)
Mackenzie: Weird as fuck (2:44 PM)
AO: Suck my dick (3:34 PM)
Mackenzie: I would soo (3:40 PM)

I really don’t care about this chick at all. From her last Facebook picture I saw (from before I blocked her) she looked like she was getting fat. I’m not sure I would even let her give me a blowie, but it was just too great of an opportunity to not use it. She moved closer to my area so it’s actually possible I could, but due to past experience I think continuing to write her off is the right route.

Although the opportunity to troll is there…

Anyone else amused by her response to “suck my dick” being “I would soo?”  Of course, she’s a flake so it’s doubtful she would react positively if I continued down that route, but hilarious that she doesn’t blow up at me texting her that.  So strange, girls.

~ by aneroidocean on 02/28/2013.

3 Responses to “Flake Texting”

  1. Only thing I’d do is wait for a night where you’re chilling at your place and you’re in a mood where if she comes over or not doesnt matter to you. Then tell her to come over with some alcohol.

    Either she comes over and you get easy sex or you enjoy a chill night by yourself. I’d definitely make sure to have her come to you though. She’s not worth going to if she’s going to pull this shit

    • Sound advice, I’m going to do just that if I have a slow night. Kay just came over last night and brought 4 different DVDs to choose from and a bottle of wine. I am loving the “bring the movies” concept from the Chateau.

  2. haha this chick sounds mad goofy. Trolling her when bored would be fun for a little.

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