Hot as fuck – Kay

Little drunk while writing this:

Update to “Bring the movies date w/ Kay“:

Pre-story:  I tried to get home from work early, didn’t make it, ended up talking to my neighbors for a bit, then realized I was REALLY short on time.  Did a scorched earth cleanup of my bedroom (there was laundry (mostly clean) everywhere, and a ridiculous amount of unfinished stuff (mail, overnight bags not unpacked, etc…) so I just shoved stuff into my closet, took some stuff to the garage temporarily, and passed a vacuum through my bedroom and the hallway.  I didn’t even have a chance to wipe the dust off some stuff, not good.  I barely had time to take a super fast shower and trim my beard so as not to have a neckbeard.

She said that something had come up and she was going to be 15 minutes late, which was just enough time to bring out my wine bottle, hand wash/dry a couple wine glasses (they were clean but streaky/smudged looking), and clean off my kitchen table to make it look classier.  I also bleached the bathroom sink and wiped down the floor/toilet some.  You know, make it look more presentable.

So Kay showed up last night and brought 4 DVDs to choose from and a bottle of wine.   Found out the bottle of wine had been gifted to her so she didn’t know much about it, and it was a 2011, did not sound amazing so I told her we’d drink it another time, that I wanted some of the South American wine that I keep stocked in my wine rack.

Chose the Will Ferrell movie we’d originally discussed that I hadn’t watched.  Turned out I had watched it but forgotten.  Fucking hilarious, we were in stitches the whole time and she was getting plenty touchy, holding my arm, squeezing it, leaning on me, etc… and she absolutely loved my wine.  $14 bottle from Costco.  Tastes like 2-3 times the price.

My roommate was supposed to be out of the house until late, but he ended up coming back in just over halfway through the movie since his buddy cut their hang out short to get with a girl.  That sucked a little but I didn’t really let it stop me, it just delayed things.  Watched all the behind the scenes (which in a Will Ferrell movie are fucking hilarious) and polished off the bottle of wine.

Made out with her a bunch while the menu music played over and over, then picked her up while she wrapped her legs around me and I carried her to my bedroom.  Guys, this is just a money move.  I can’t think of any time that a girl has denied me other than some token voiced resistance to being picked up and carried around.  Thank god I’m not a tiny dude because I’m kind of fat now but have enough strength to pick up girls just because of my size.

In my bedroom I’d put on low lighting, we made out more, but she was putting up some resistance, despite it being obvious she is way into me.  I abruptly pulled away from her to change it up and keep her guessing and because I wanted her to smell this candle I have.  I made her cross her legs, close her eyes, and then inhale.  She was giggly/mock scared of what I was going to do while her eyes were closed.

No girl has guessed the smell to date.  It’s firewood, smells like a bonfire, but for some reason they never guess it, they just know that they love the smell (it’s seriously intoxicating).   After I took my sweet ass time revealing what the smell was, I lit the candle, killed the other light, and turned up the room heater I have as it was getting a hair cold.  We made out more, I felt her up some, but she was definitely giving me resistance on getting her bra off or my hand down her pants.

To me it didn’t matter that much just because not only do I know she’s into me, I know that while she’s female, I’ve heard enough of her stories of disgust with her roommate who has fucked a LOT of guys apparently and how not selective her roommate is (and her roommate can afford to be selective).  The further clincher is that I knew the thing that came up was a last minute happy hour to say farewell to a coworker that decided to leave her work without much notice, so she had worked a LONG day and was still in her work outfit and hadn’t had a chance to go home and do anything except brush her hair a bit.

We laughed, talked, made out, and eventually I got her bra undone, got her top shirt off, and her in her undershirt with no bra.  Man those titties.  She’s gotta be a D cup, so nice on a petite girl.  Eventually, because she’d given me a nice shoulder massage after the movie ended when we were still in the living room, I told her I was switching candles (don’t like to waste my badass firewood candle) and that she needed to take her shirt off and lay face down so I could give her a real massage.

She went to use the bathroom first while I swapped candles, prepped my aromatherapy eucalyptus and spearmint massage oil, and turned on my noisemaker to low and the “rain” setting.  She came back and was impressed with the rain and fragrant massage oil.  I told her to hurry up before I changed my mind and she quickly got topless and was face down on my bed (with freshly washed sheets, barely).

I told her I was taking my pants off not bothering to explain myself and her only making a token comment (with the heater on and with the effort I put into my massage, I’d be dripping sweat if I had my pants on).  I proceeded to give her a total back, neck, arms, hands, and hip massage with the lotion (hips were through the jeans) and had her completely, completely, completely relaxed.  Took a rest next to her and eventually had her put her shirt back on while I looked her right in the eyes (at this point even though she’d been coy about showing me her tig bitties I knew she wanted me to sneak a peek) and didn’t break eye contact, getting plenty of a view in my peripheral vision.  She asked me about them, obviously wanting me to compliment them, but I ignored for the most part, telling her to get under the covers with me.

We proceeded to make out more, getting hotter and heavier until I’d worked my way down to kissing her stomach, sides, neck, etc…  More resistance going down her jeans in the front, so I slid my hand down to grab her nice ass bare with a thong under the jeans.  Eventually got her worked up enough rubbing her pussy through the jeans to the point that her jeans were nearly damp and at that point I just undid her button and zipper and slid my hand down to outside her moist panties despite her squirming.

Once I had my finger on her through her panties, she started quivering, so I slid my finger under her panties from the top and right into her wetness, immediately sliding smoothly over her clit, thinking “DAMN this girl is wet.”  Apparently she was REALLY turned on because it only took about 30 seconds working under the panties for her to come really hard (like entire lower body tensing/untensing as the waves of pleasure came over her).

During this, I’d become REALLY hard and she was touching me lightly all the way down to my lower stomach, nearly getting to but not quite getting to my dick.  I was pretty close to just grabbing her hand and placing it directly on my dick which was sticking out my boxers (couldn’t find any clean boxer briefs which are my go-to date underwear) like a fucking battering ram bursting through the gates, but I simultaneously managed to get her undone and my hands down her pants.

While I worked her up to a frenzy I had ignored my one weakness.  Temperature.  My dick works awesome, and may it work awesome for many many decades to come (no pun intended), but it’s one kryptonite is if I get extremely hot or extremely cold.  The whole time I’d been escalating with her, I’d been under the covers with my upper torso exposed directly to the hot air flowing out of my room heater, so by the time I got my hands down her panties and she was laying in a puddle next to me, my body had overheated (to the point I was almost upset with how hot I was and my dick was going nowhere but down.

No matter really, because I know that this will continue, but it was a bit frustrating that I’d been rock hard less than a minute prior and then when making her come I couldn’t even grab her hand and put it on me.  At this point there would’ve been no resistance to at least a handjob/blowjob, but my rock hard dick that I’d been rubbing against her body while touching her was nowhere to be seen, until I’d cooled down SIGNIFICANTLY.

I live by the beach in an old school beach house that doesn’t have hardly any insulation in it so this time of year it CAN get pretty cold at night, so I love my room heater and I definitely love my down comforter, but FUCK is the comforter warm if you’re moving around underneath it.

Oh well.  Great night in any case, ended up laying with her some more and talking (which I enjoyed), then I could tell she should probably go home as her dog had been home all day without her and she has to get up a bit earlier than I do.  It was nearly 4 AM at this point and she said I didn’t need to walk her to her car, but I did and then declined her offer to give me a ride home, since I enjoyed walking with the full moon.  Next time I’ll definitely take her up on not having to walk her to her car, but I wanted to get outside and walk.  Hard for me to go to sleep when I know I’m only going to sleep for a few hours anyway.

So looking forward to getting together with her again, this time paying attention to the temperature in my room.  Fuck it was hot!


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3 Responses to “Hot as fuck – Kay”

  1. So close!. I 100% thought you hit that when I was reading this. I think you should be good the next time around.

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