Violin text

A text exchange with Maria (the current FWB) from yesterday:

<AO> [Chill out] tonight after I get out of class?

<Maria> I’m going to be at my sister’s new place in [beach town].

<Maria> Chill out and this…



<Maria> Haha.

<AO> Making music, crescendos, very nice.  I’m in.  No pun intended

<Maria> Hahaha :)


Play her body like a violin, gentlemen.  I thought the picture she sent was pretty hot.  Nice subtle nod to domination with the man holding the back of the girl’s neck.  I am going to leave her quivering tonight, post symphony.


~ by aneroidocean on 03/06/2013.

3 Responses to “Violin text”

  1. That’s a wonderful picture.

    • It kind of blows my mind that SHE sent it to me. It’s very powerful of an image/concept on it’s own, but the fact that she sent it to me shows that she really thinks I’m that good of a lover. To her, not saying I’m the best by any means, but it encapsulates the concept that women want to completely submit to a man that can please her and be in tune with what she needs so she can have him be her master.

      Pursue that mastery, gentlemen, it’s what they want, to be overwhelmed.

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