There is some great reality in this post.


Image of valentine flowers and gifts

I don’t care that it’s Valentine’s Day, but god damn do I need some pussy.  They say go out, you know, maybe you’ll meet some lonely girls.  Fucking bullshit.  Whoever tells you to go out on a certain night and it’s easy pickins has never pulled a piece of ass from a bar in his life.  It’s like the people who tell you to join a class.  You idiot, you sign up for a six week cupcake baking class and you show up and it’s all dudes thinking there are girls there.  And I already know how to bake a fucking cupcake.  Or the people who tell you look for a girl with a common interest.  I’m interested in fucking.  If girls were out there advertising this common interest I’d be balls deep right now instead of writing this.

The idea that going out on any particular night gets you…

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~ by aneroidocean on 03/12/2013.

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