Steak and a BJ Day

Steak and a BJ Day is today, fellas.  I neglected to remember the date, so now I’m kind of without plans.

Rose texted me and asked me if we could get together late this evening (after she gets done studying and after I’m done grocery shopping).  I think she wants to “talk” which seems ominous (she wanted to last time we got together but I just cavemanned her, got her completely satisfied, then she went home).

Since I have no idea if she still wants to talk or if so what it’s about exactly (although I have my concerns about what it is), I just went for it.  End of our conversation re: grocery store/studying timing leading into caveman/comfort style:

<Rose> Ok let me knwo whenever you’re done

<AO> k

[30 minutes later]

<AO> Tonight I’m going to bring home a steak for you to cook, serve me, then please me.

<Rose> :-O excuse me?  That’s a bit presumptuous ! Haha I don’t know about that one.  Not feeling that great.

<Rose> Anyways I need to talk to you about some things and don’t distract me with kisses and other such things, mister

<AO> Presumptuous? It’s steak and a BJ day today!  Sorry you don’t feel well.  I’ve been stressed but working on creating a positive outlet for that. [Which is true]

<Rose> Ohhhh!! Ok that makes sense lol


~ by aneroidocean on 03/14/2013.

One Response to “Steak and a BJ Day”

  1. Even before I read your other post, I still knew something was up when she said she “wanted to talk”.

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