How I got dumped on Steak and a BJ Day

Started out with this, and then:

And then we had a continuing text conversation that didn’t bode that well.  We met up and I was exhausted but chose to talk to her:

Turns out she couldn’t date me anymore, not having a title of girlfriend and not believing that I loved her. She said that she knew she was getting older and didn’t have that much time to get married and have kids. She shared something really personal with me about an ex that passed away and opened up to me more than she had before. It was nice, and sucky, and nice again. Had some breakup sex and then sent her on her way. Didn’t sleep well at all. Very sad for me because I really liked this girl. I can’t argue with her, though, I know that I’m not ready to be monogamous and have kids and we’d dated over a year.

The sex was if not the best, close to the best I’ve ever had, and I had a great time with her. I knew there was a disparity in how attracted to me she was and despite her very nice skin, amazing B cups, femininity, old-school style (think pinup girl type), and great attitude (and almost too tight pussy), I had to let her go. She had some things about her that I know would eventually bother me too much, and she really deserves to be happier (she said she hadn’t been sharing with me enough and had become much less happy), have marriage, have kids, etc… She’s old-fashioned through and through, frugal, feminine, definitely a really quality girl.  I fell as much as I could for her, I suppose.

Gotta work on these new leads I’ve got. I’m down to 1 FWB and 1 I’m just starting to date that has been frustrating me (Kay).  But more importantly, I gotta keep working on myself.  I’m not anywhere near where I want to be.

On a positive note, I got my first assignment back from my photo class on Wednesday and I got 100/100.  It’s a real basic class so it’s not a big accomplishment, but I’ll take it.  More concerned about assignment 2 since I really don’t have a decent handle on the tonal adjustments we were supposed to make.  It’s something I need to figure out.  I think there’s a girl in my class that may be into me.  Wokka wokka (stolen from Danny).

I failed to start my workout regimen that I’m following with my good friend.  We want to get in shape and do it before the mud volleyball tournament that’s coming up that our team always dominates.  I wanted to start it today, but last night’s drama took up all my time and energy.  I didn’t sleep hardly at all.  Gonna knock out this Friday and then tonight get all my cooking done (you’re supposed to pre-cook for the half week) and hit the gym in the morning.  I bought one of those 2-year gym packs from Costco which was a ton of money to spend at once, but I bought all the food I need and am nearly prepared to rock this 12 week program.  I’ll be ~5-6 days behind my friend, but I’m going to transform my body.  Before/after pictures, weighing myself, etc…  No alcohol for 12 weeks too as part of it.

The friend I’m doing it with said he was impressed with me that I committed enough to spend the money on the gym pass and all the food.  I told him to be impressed when we’re both done.  This is the dirt-easy stuff.


~ by aneroidocean on 03/15/2013.

3 Responses to “How I got dumped on Steak and a BJ Day”

  1. hmm, very interesting post. i was working on a theory i was calling “baby girl game”, i was writing about it sporadically on my blog and also on shade zero’s blog. the basic point is that you become her father, so to speak, and you combine that with FWB. i am not explaining this right, damn. let me start over.

    baby girl game is the opposite of “aloof asshole game”. in aloof asshole game, the ideal situation is to become the skittles man or the bring the movies man, in other words, the goal is to treat girls like shit and have them come back for more and more. heartiste pushes for this a lot, and the original roissy did somewhat too. roosh doesn’t really, but he simply doesn’t talk about how he handles relationships, all he says is don’t worry if you don’t give her an orgasm. be selfish.

    my point is that none of these men talk about love, about being kind and generous with girls. the only one who comes close is krauser. he does talk about the importance of becoming her master, her god, of having her look up to you.

    and this is where baby girl game comes from. the name comes from what i call blondie all the time, my baby girl. she is my baby girl, and i am her master. the quid pro quo is this:

    SHE GIVES ME: everything i want sexually. she is my whore, my bitch, my sexual slave. i completely dominate her in bed, and she completely submits. as we all know, sex and emotions are very much linked, so my complete domination in the bedroom is extremely important. i need to ravage her, destroy her, and make her come repeatedly. i am convinced that intense sex where the man rips her apart is the key to a good relationship, because it keeps her in check, keeps her satiated, keeps her happy and content. it keeps the man with the upper hand. if i am not giving a girl mind blowing orgasms, then what “authority” do i have to boss her around, in the bedroom or in public, or anywhere. i don’t.

    I GIVE HER: emotional affection and tenderness. i listen to her problems. i help her. i open up. i am vulnerable. i pay for her meals. i take her places. i give her that emotional satisfaction of connecting at a deep level with another person. just like i need deep, intense sex, girls need deep, intense emotion. well in fact we both need both, men and women both need intense sex and intense emotion, that’s what keeps a relationship going. so my point is, i give her a deep emotional connection, and plus, i also give her that emotional rollercoaster, that drama that she needs.

    WHAT I DON’T GIVE HER: exclusivity. and i tell her this from the very beginning. and i tighten the screws. the more she falls in love with me, the more i tell her i am not good for her, that i already *was* in a deep, deep relationship, and am not ready for another one — this is key, to keep her believing that she can *convince* me to fall in love again — in fact, i think the original roissy wrote about this, to talk vaguely about a french ex, and to say it hurts to much to talk about her, and how this will drive the current girl crazy. it’s much better to say that you are *recovering* for something deep, than to say that you are not ready for something deep — because that just means, “i am too immature for something deep.” much better to say, “i need time to recover from something deep.”

    WHAT I RECOMMEND TO HER: that she find another man to be her husband. that yes, we have a very deep connection, but that i am not ready, i am still recovering, and that she should find another man to marry her. this is very intense push pull.

    HOW I TREAT HER ON A DAILY BASIS: like she is my little girl, and i am her much older, wiser brother, or even her father, and i am the one looking out for her, telling her what to do, helping her — but also teasing her, and not taking her completely serious. she is my little thing. my little doll. my little plaything.

    anyway, this is all a work in progress, and i’ve only been able to pull it off with blondie so far. my overall point is — and i don’t know the whole story — but i don’t get the feeling that this is how you approached your relationship with rose.

    i think if krauser read this, he would call it “soul collecting” — in fact, i would be honored if he did haha — and so i can see some people having moral issues with it. i do too. but in a way, it’s all true. i am the man, and she is the baby girl. i am the one with the magical cock, and i am the one who is tough and strong and i am the one who makes her see god. she is just a little girl. and every little girl is lost without her father.

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