Diet/Gym Regimen

Just a quick note to mark yesterday as the first day (for me) of this regimen.  I’m not perfect on the diet (ex. I’ve put a little creamer in my coffee), but I’ve been eating clean since Saturday, and I played two hard/long games of men’s/coed sideout (volleyball where more than two teams play, stepping on/off the court as they win/lose each rally).  Thankfully I didn’t hurt myself and I even managed to hit a couple of balls at the net using a half approach.

Felt AMAZING to get out there, but also was frustrating because I’m nowhere near 100%.  I know they were purposely serving me most of the time as the weaker player.   I want to get served because I’m the shorter player or not the best hitter.  I don’t mind that, but to get served because I am the worse passer is rough.  Luckily my partner rocked for an older dude and covered a lot of the court for me and I got him some buttery sets to smash on.  Didn’t win either game, but we were the points leader for a bit in both games and we got well into double digits both times (games are to 21).

Well, there I go rambling about volleyball.  Point is that Sunday was going to be my first day, but I was COMPLETELY exhausted after volleyball.  I literally fell asleep on my lazboy after eating food.  I wanted to get up and shower/go to bed but I couldn’t get out of the chair.  I woke up after about an hour feeling cold so I took the best hot shower and had just enough energy to brush my teeth, floss, and collapse into bed.  I did make 3 maintenance phone calls, though.  Rose, Maria, and then Kay (in that order).  I’d really like to still date Rose (or at least have some more sex with her until she finds someone else), although I kow that’s a pretty small possibility at this point.  I enjoyed my conversation with Kay the most.

So yesterday was my first day, which works well because it gave me a little bit to get used to the diet and Monday is the day that the trainer starts on too, so I’ll be in sync and it will motivate me to not miss any days.  Any of you that know a lot more about fitness will I’m sure have things to point out that aren’t perfect in this deal, but my friend started it a week ago and I figured, “fuck it, why not, I can’t stand being out of shape.”  Here’s the program:

I’m primarily going to be working out at a national gym that’s only a short walking distance away from my place.  I bought a 2 year membership up front to keep the costs down to ~$25/month.  Last night I was really careful as I didn’t want to screw up my injury, so I didn’t go to complete failure, but I did push hard enough to soak my long sleeve t-shirt, and the end of the hack squats was definitely tenuous.  There was some nice eye candy late at night, surprisingly.

Unfortunately, going to the gym so damn late as well as going to bed so late means that I’m going to have to go real late AGAIN tonight after class.  I want to make the whole gym thing a morning, before work kind of deal.

Feel fine today, despite only six and a half or 7 hours sleep.  We’ll see how tonight/tomorrow goes as I imagine that will be much worse.

I will be in much better shape in 12 weeks.  No alcohol either.  Big, big change through small daily steps.

UPDATE: When I weighed in Saturday morning I was at 202.5 pounds which is at LEAST 15 pounds overweight. While I don’t care exactly how much weight I lose overall, if I can get down to 185-190 and have some decent muscle tone (lower body fat percentage too), I will be ecstatic.


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  1. It’s always good to have goal to shoot for.

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