Nastiest and Freakiest – RVF

So I’ve been posting a bit over on Roosh V Forum and a thread made me think of a post I made in the Nastiest and Freakiest thread over there.  Text below of my response:

Well, I figure my shit is mild compared to you guys, but I’ll give me two top freakiest:

This 22 year old I met when my old roommate had a party and invited in a bunch of underage kids (under 21) and gave them all liquor. My roommate and I’s mutual friends had gone to eat dinner and he’d started talking to these girls/guys off the sidewalk and invited them all in our house, started handing out shots. I come home from work to find him on the patio with underage kids all around drinking, blatantly doing it on the OTHER side of our patio (sidewalk, drinking in public basically), my front door wide open, some kid wearing one of my fucking hats.

The patio table has many many shotglasses on it and at least 2 bottles of my premium liquor, my roommate drunk as fuck thinking he was some pimp hosting bottle service for all these underage girls and their guy friends. These kids are fucking calling their friends telling them where the party is and they’re just walking down the sidewalk up to and into my house. I walk into my own house and these fucking kids are asking me who “I” know.

I am a patient man. I try to stay calm wherever possible because it rarely benefits me when I lose my shit. I called our mutual friends who said they had no fucking clue that this was going on. I tried to talk to my roommate but he thought I was being a buzzkill and was all “nah it’s cool man…look at all these chicks!” with those drunkenly-glazed over eyes. Smiling a goofy ass grin like any of this was okay. I told him to shut down the party, and he kept acting like all of it was okay and I was overreacting.

I walked outside to wait for my friends to have them witness what this fuckup was doing and so I could calm down and not sock someone. This 22 year old outside saw how pissed I was and tried to calm me down. She was super cool and defused me quite a bit, being patient and talking me down to the point that I wasn’t going to just walk over and drop my faggot roommate to the ground. I kept telling her to leave me alone, but she was persistent and had almost the perfect attitude to slowly bring me down from that place I was in.

Our mutual friends showed up, they went and told my roommate “wtf are you doing” and helped me kick all the people out, getting my hat back before I socked the skinny fuck who was wearing it and claimed that it was his. Then they took my roommate away from the house, I ended up talking and chilling with the 22 year old (who I thought must be underage) and talking about music and having a couple beers with her. Turned out she was legitimately 22. At some point after I’d calmed down her defiant/sarcastic side came out. Eventually I realized I wanted to fuck the shit out of this girl and that I was pretty sure she would enjoy it, so I started making out with her and she kept testing me over and over and I kept just cavemanning her. I took her to my bedroom and fucked her every which way from Sunday, FORCED her to suck my dick, then after at least an hour of fucking her I forced her face down on the bed and came a peter north-style 6 roper all over her face. She acted like she didn’t like it, but she licked up EVERY drop.

This became a booty call situation where she would test me at every turn and I just had to caveman her. I wasn’t really that comfortable going seriously hardcore with her but definitely had a lot of fun. I think I could’ve gone ass to mouth with her no problem and had fun completely degrading her, shoving her down and hate-fucking her because I knew she loved it.

Had another girl who was SUPER nice/happy/friendly who liked to be face-fucked. I thought only girls in porn movies liked this up until I started fucking this girl. She literally liked me to grab the back of her head and pound her mouth hard until she was choking. Freaky freaky.

Oh, and another girl I dated got turned on by me pushing my stomach out so it looked like I had a gut. She wanted me to eat more so I could grow a gut. She was a REALLY pretty, skinny, bubbly girl. She would tap my stomach with her little hands like a drum and squeal like a little girl, happy as a pig in mud. She loved to ride me, guess she liked looking at my stomach? This is also a girl that thought it was HILARIOUS when I’d fart on her. Seriously, she thought farts were funnier than I do (okay maybe not). She never farted or burped or ANYTHING in my presence though.


~ by aneroidocean on 03/19/2013.

3 Responses to “Nastiest and Freakiest – RVF”

  1. I laughed pretty hard at this post.

    • Glad to hear it. You should check out that thread, there’s some doozies in there. Man, it makes me a little pissed off thinking about that former jackass roommate (mostly because he was a good friend since my early years and became more and more of a shithead as I lived with him). I’m SO glad I don’t live with that douche anymore. If his name hadn’t been on the lease, he would’ve been gone so much sooner.

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