Quick Update

So the Enginerd texted me last night out of the blue:

<Enginerd> Hey

<Enginerd> Are you around?

I didn’t see the text until maybe half an hour later, but I figured she was in my area and wanted to say hi so I called her up.

I could tell immediately she was really upset.  She was at her job, crying her eyes out for the previous 2 hours trying to get her work done because her boss was being a jerk about her needing to leave to go out of town for a long weekend.  The purpose for her trip is that a good friend died (I haven’t pried to get any details on how yet) back in her home state and since it’s Easter weekend the flights were CRAZY expensive last minute.  She ended up having to book a flight out Thursday and back on Tuesday.  She was really upset because her boss was being a bit of a jerk (they do have a lot of mission critical stuff happening this week) about the extra time she was taking (vs just the weekend).

I calmed her down some and told her that I would come over and help her relax and get some sleep after I got done with the gym.  She was really open to that, but in the end she left work earlier than anticipated and said she was tired enough to just go to sleep, but that if she got all her work/packing/school stuff done tomorrow that she would hit me up about getting together for a bit.  I don’t think she intends to hook up with me, but I think she needs me to take care of her, help her calm down some and brave the weekend/funeral, which I’m happy to do since I care for her and she is a friend still.  Of course, death brings people together so there is always the possibility that we will hook up.

It’s really strange, because Maria’s dad is dying (they just decided to send him to hospice and said he has only a few weeks to live) so I’ve been helping her through that and the arrangements to finalize her stuff at work so she could work remotely and be with him (other half of the state) through his final weeks.

A lot of death for one week.

I also can’t get a hold of my dad and it’s starting to concern me.

Gym has been steady, although I did miss one day.  I overdid my calves and could barely walk so I decided I had to miss a day in order to recover.  Lots of foam rolling and stretching and I think they’re going to be significantly better by the weekend.  Last night’s cardio really tightened them back up again.  I fell asleep in my hooded sweatshirt without showering and missed setting my backup alarm, so I woke up over an hour late for work.

I am having trouble figuring out a way to get some one on one time in the evening with Kay so that I can escalate and fuck her already.  Or at least get a blowie or finger her again.  I am really getting impatient.  She has only offered me a Saturday morning opportunity to hang with her, although depending on what her Friday/Saturday night are like (and mine…my work gig just cancelled for Saturday night), I may be able to hang with her, but it could be with some serious logistical obstacles (friends who drove with her) to overcome.

I haven’t weighed myself, I keep forgetting to do it at the same time in the morning, but it’s been about a week and a half, so I hope to be down at least a few pounds from the diet/exercise regimen.


~ by aneroidocean on 03/27/2013.

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