Making Your Bed – Lazy Style

This is a little embarassing, but none of you know me anyway, so fuck it:

All my life I’ve been SUPER lazy about making my bed. I’ve always liked how a made bed looks way more than a messy bed, but I always would get up, leave it unmade, go piss, then get distracted and rarely would I come back and make my bed.

How you keep your bedroom looking beyond clean/organized has been covered a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this trick that I made up one day when I was laying in bed. This may not work for some of you shorter dudes or if you have a California King size bed, but:

Grab the top of the sheet with your hands and make sure it matches the comforter or blanket or whatever you’ve got above it. Use your legs to push the comforter/blanket/sheet down so that it hangs off the bottom of the bed and is centered. Whatever side of the bed you get out of, use your hand to stretch the opposite side up and to the top corner over your pillow while simultaneously folding over the corner you’re getting out of so that you can slip out and not mess up the edges you’ve already set. Get out and as you do, pull the last corner over the pillows. Maybe give it a tug so it’s centered if it’s not already good. Go about your day.

This is SO easy and I can do it basically in the same effort it takes me to get out of bed already, that I’ve switched entirely to having my bed made at all times. My bed is always made which makes my room look infinitely nicer. I live with a roommate and now I’m okay leaving my bedroom door open, whereas before I always thought it looked trashy with my bed unmade so I’d leave it closed. Bonus is that girls that come over for parties or whatever always comment how nice my room looks.

~ by aneroidocean on 04/30/2013.

2 Responses to “Making Your Bed – Lazy Style”

  1. i love this. i make my bed anyway, but i think it’s a great idea.

  2. I second Riv.

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