A flake, sort of

I’m not sure if this really counts as a flake, but it pissed me off:

My neighbor/friend Elle hit me up last night to come hang out with her and her two female friends. She has to convince me as I’m busy doing some small projects and am really tired. One of them is from my area of the state and now lives in Europe as a small time filmmaker. I have a good time with that one and do some dancing and flirting with her. The girls are buying drinks, they’re commenting on how masculine/attractive I am, the filmmaker is giving me the eyes and the hair twirls and just obviously is into me.

The lights come on, we finish our drinks and head to my neighbor’s place (where they’re staying) for some afterparty. Wake up the roommate, who comes down and hangs out for a bit, the other girl offers to cook as they are all hungry, I walk home grab some ingredients she’ll need to make good food (she’s apparently a chef, so my fresh ingredients are music to her ears), but before I do I go up to the filmmaker (now sitting on the kitchen counter) and make out with her, takeaway and I’m off to my place.

We dine and the filmmaker and I are teasing each other, she’s loving every second of it. It’s time to sleep, I take the filmmaker to walk her home with me. My neighbor Elle and the chef girl are literally pushing the filmmaker out the door as she is resisting leaving with me. I pick up the filmmaker and set her outside with me, the girls close the door and lock it behind them. I think now the filmmaker is going to come with me, but she resists again. She said she can’t do this. I try to work the anti-slut magic, she still resists, says she can’t do this. I ask her why. She says she has a boyfriend and she can’t. I tell her to just come stay the night and we don’t have to do anything else (I’m fucking exhausted at this point and I really don’t care if we just make out and nothing else happens), she insists. She won’t budge.  She says she knows that if she were in my bed she couldn’t trust herself to not be with me.

Out of patience, I tell her good luck with that and turn and leave her on the doorstep and go home. Text Elle a big “WHAT THE FUCK?” and go home and try to pass out.

Long time since a girl pissed me off like that.

In the morning Elle would text me back and apologize and say that she had no idea this girl was in a relationship.  I told her that of course I was bothered that she wouldn’t come back with me, but that the bigger issue was that I was deceived and that made me WASTE my fucking time.  Very annoying.  At one point she asked me to come hang out with them this Friday.

Yeah right, like I’d waste my time on that cunt friend of hers.  I understand Elle didn’t know this chick was in a relationship, but she was serving her up on a silver platter for me, encouraging it all, so she’s on thin ice with me until we talk in person and see what she says.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/01/2013.

6 Responses to “A flake, sort of”

  1. I’d blow it off. It seems like an honest mistake on Elle’s part. She went out on a limb for you and just happened to fuck up this time.

    • Yeah, I talked to her tonight. She’s fine, she just didn’t understand why I reacted so strongly. I explained to her more it was a disrespect issue and wasting my time. Do not tolerate it.

  2. Damn, you went to bed knowing potential sex was right next door.

    • I’m not sure what you mean. There was potential for sex earlier in the night, but I think as she sobered up she realized that she didn’t want to go through with whatever was progressing (whether it was sex or just more making out). Who knows what was going through her head, but that was enough “no” for me so I left. I was furious.

    • Also, even if potential sex was there, I don’t tolerate people who lie to me. My neighbor Elle is supposed to hang out with them in my area again on Friday. What did I say to her?

      “Here’s where I’ll be on Friday night. I’m telling you so you don’t go there with your girls. I don’t want to see ’em”

  3. I say your reaction here was fine. It is best to keep your boundaries. Even if Elle feels you overeacted here, she’ll respect you more in the future. Either she’ll do her homework next time or you won’t waste your time being her friend and she knows that.

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