Kay – Finally Closed

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Kay Intro
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New Prospects
Kay Wine Tasting Invite – Sort Of?

I’ve been trying to close the deal with this girl for way too long. I’ve had a great time hanging out with her and since she’s a friend of a friend and seems high quality I’ve been patient, but harem collapse has made it WAY more of an issue since I’ve been in the longest drought and only recently had Maria come back from out of town and get back to being fuckbuddies.

I’d found out a while back that my friend’s girlfriend’s family apparently has some part ownership in one of the local restaurant/bars, so I’d set up going to check out a big sporting event there when the dude had a table and hookups going down. I hung out with my friend earlier in the day Saturday and told him to bring a change of clothes so he could shower up at my place and we could hit this thing up.

I invited Kay along too since she’d expressed interest in getting together and if she came cool, if not, fine too. While my buddy and I got ready my pretty southern friend Belle had been texting me so I had her come over and eat her lunch she’d bought nearby at my place so we could catch up. I sent Kay a picture of my buddy’s dog (who we’d taken to the beach earlier in the day) staring at Belle’s lunch. I had just enough of Belle in the picture, always good to spark some competitive spirit. Belle was going to come with us too before meeting up with her friend.

Kay was supposed to meet us at my place and then we’d walk over from there. My buddy and I took our time getting ready, catching up with Belle, but eventually realizing that Kay was taking too damn long and we just needed to head over so we did. I started drinking vodka on the rocks. This would prove to be a bad choice. We ended up standing room only, but were still with my friends, I bought a 24 oz beer and brought my buddy some water.

Kay showed up right before the last half/quarter of the event and right after Belle had to go. Man did she look good. She’d been late because she went to the gym before coming over. Her dress was skintight and showed off her very nice ass, big boobs, and just looked really good on her. We finished watching the event and I got another tall beer before heading over to grab some sushi (another friend of mine had shown up and the three guys and Kay wanted to eat).

We had a good time at sushi, Kay getting to know my buddy (who’s going through some girl problems and could use her also telling him that his girl isn’t worth his time) and other people at our table (friends invited friends) and I got to catch up with another friend. Throughout since the owner of the sushi place knew a couple people at our table, we kept getting hot sake delivered on the house.

I drank my share of hot sake and helped Kay finish her roll and had some fresh sashimi off someone else’s plate even though I’d eaten right before going out. One of the couples that was with our group bought too much of their cold sake and ended up continuing to offer me their extra sake until I figured, “Why not?” and downed it. I was feeling damn good, Kay was having a good time and was shamelessly flirting with me in between the rest of the groups antics.

We split up after this and my buddy needed to grab his dog and take off so I gave him my key and Kay and I left to go to a favorite bar with a good dance floor.  This is basically how we met, through our mutual friend bringing her to my house and then all of us going out drinking/dancing together.  This is of course a place that on most nights even with a long line I either walk right in, or only have to wait a couple minutes before getting the nod to come past the rest of the common folk.  We went in and got straight to the dance floor and started getting down.

At some point she mentioned that her friend was there.  The guy who I’d seen her with in one of the stories linked above and told her, “really, Kay, this guy?  Really?”  Of course, I was drunk at the time, not that she knew that, but I didn’t realize she wasn’t dating him, he was just an orbiter.  This is the same guy that at one point got smashed drunk, his friends told him she was into him (because she’s affectionate with her friends, female or male), and he tried to kiss her and she had to deny him.  This made me laugh that he was there as he’d kept his distance completely until I went to the bathroom which is when he came over and said hi.

Damn dude, you’re that much of a beta orbiter that you can’t even say hi in a crowded bar/dance area because I’m there?  What a chump.  Soon after we left and I took her to my place since obviously she wasn’t going to be able to drive home yet.  She’d had a decent amount of sake too.  At this point, although I didn’t realize it at the time, the alcohol was rapidly catching up with me.

We sat on my couch but soon after I just cavemanned her and picked her right up, carried her to the bedroom and set her on the bed.  Much making out and clothing coming off ensued, with us ravenous for each other.  This is when my drinking vodka on ice to start the night came into play…that and the rest of the alcohol throughout the night.  I was fucked.

It takes a lot to incapacitate my penis.  Like most men, I’m proud of my member and what I consider it’s above average abilities.   Usually alcohol can only make it harder for me to get off, but it doesn’t really affect my ability to get an erection.  Only if I way overdo it will my penis not work.  I was so damn turned on.

But my weiner wouldn’t work.  It just wouldn’t fucking go and despite how badly I wanted her and despite how badly she wanted me, it wasn’t going to get up no matter what.  All the playboy centerfolds at the height of their careers TOGETHER wasn’t going to get my dick to work.  I got her off, told her my dick was checked out for the night so we had to stop, and she promptly fell asleep in my bed, completely naked.

Morning.  My god, what is this heavenly ass up against my crotch?  What are these fucking nice D/DD boobs doing naked in my bed?  YES, last night was awesome because it fucking happened.  I thought I was going to have to wait even longer for this girl to give it up, I thought I was going to have to try being exclusive with her to see what it was like to hit that tight, super wet pussy.  Oh girl, you fucked up now!  Now I’ve got the green light and that’s not changing.

We fooled around some more, I got her going again, got her off quickly again playing with her clit (lefty!), and rubbed my dick against her glorious, glorious cheeks and felt up her tits.  She couldn’t take it anymore and told me that we should try with my condoms (she has a slight latex allergy and I don’t have those weird sheepfucker…I mean sheepskin condoms).  It was getting hot in my room but I didn’t pay that much attention.

I threw a condom on and got inside of her, but I almost immediately knew it wasn’t going to last.  I took her missionary for just a bit and then hopped out of bed, standing, putting her right at the edge of my bed on her back with her legs up in my arms and tried to fuck her that way to cool down and stave off the loss of my erection.  Every effort I had kept my dick hard, but not quite 100% and I knew I was going to have to stop and then I’d lose my erection until I could cool off.

FUCK FUCK FUCK, that’s just logistics and paying some damn attention to myself but instead I was too hungry and ready to hump her.  That was incredibly frustrating.  I wanted to fuck her hard and punish her for making me wait so long, instead I just irritated myself.

No matter in the long run as I’ll get another opportunity in the future since I finally broke the seal, but god damn was that irritating.  Ended up getting out of the house and grabbing some coffee and breakfast where I quickly realized that it actually wasn’t all my fault as my stomach was way fucked up too.  I shit out some serious evil.

I’m going back to drinking very minimally, especially while I’m trying to lose fat and gain muscle.  I can already see a difference in my body and I haven’t been that consistent with the change in diet and exercise.  And I’m going to fuck the hell out of Kay next time.  Mmmm I can’t wait for that bubble butt to be up against me again.

Probably my shittiest first close ever.  I think she’s invested enough that it won’t be my last, but man now it’s in my head with this chick.  It’s weird how turned on and hard I was all the times we made out and didn’t fuck and then even though I got hot, it just wasn’t going to work even after I started to cool down.  Fuck you brain!

~ by aneroidocean on 05/07/2013.

2 Responses to “Kay – Finally Closed”

  1. Damn playa I feel your frustration. Getting wasted killed a lot of golden opportunities. She’s into you so you’re good. You will get to hit it again.

    Also wine tasting will be a sick time. In my area the wineries are a 30 minute drive. Usually they have like different live bands and the vibe is real low key. Plus you have all the different wines.

  2. I got a similar story coming up about the topic of dick betrayals.

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