New Prospects

Originally written 3/12/2013, not going to finish any other prospects because they didn’t pan out anyway:

A quick update on my newest prospects:


Since this post I’ve hung out with Kay 3 times.  She invited me to come over to her place and have dinner since her new roommate works night shift and her other roommate was out of town.  I thought I might’ve made a mistake because I brought an overnight bag and instead of leaving it in my car, I walked up to the front door and came in with it.  I did have a really tasty pear and some chocolate that I’d brought to contribute (even though she insisted I didn’t need to bring anything).  She didn’t say anything about the bag until the end of the night, though.

The night went decently well, she kept insisting she didn’t want me to help and that she wanted to cook the dinner all herself so I relented and played with the dog some, poured her and I a glass of wine, and then snuck into the kitchen to slice up a pear and then wash some dishes (I was genuinely a little bored and I’d already harassed her a bunch while she was cooking).  She asked me to pick out something to watch so I went up to her bedroom and picked out 4 or 5 DVDs, some of which I’d seen before and others which I hadn’t.  She was down for Hot Tub Time Machine so that’s what we popped in.

She set the table and we enjoyed the dinner with more wine and her dog running around.  I like her dog, but he was getting a little annoying looking for attention.  She made some fresh sauteed garlic to cook the chicken with so it tasted pretty good, but the chicken was a little overcooked.  She paired it with some asparagus that was okay, just not that amazing overall.  A for effort since she’d gone to the gym and had to do a bunch of stuff in order to have the availability to meet up with me, but only B- for food.

Then we moved to the couch which would’ve been really nice had it not been for her dog’s incessant attention plays, trying to worm his way in between us or on top of her lap and then on top of my lap.  I suppose since I’d had wine I was pretty relaxed and forgiving, but had I not been drinking I think I would’ve asked her to put her dog in the crate or something  because it got pretty annoying.  Still, I enjoyed the movie and hanging with her, but she basically gave me the impression at the end that I couldn’t stay over.  She mentioned the bag at one point and I told her that I wasn’t trying to be presumptuous, but that I did absolutely have toiletries/clothes for tomorrow so that I was prepared.

I kissed her good night and drove home, wondering if bringing the bag in was the right decision, but ultimately figuring that she wasn’t going to have me over that night anyway, the bag probably didn’t really factor into it.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/07/2013.

2 Responses to “New Prospects”

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  2. I wonder if the sight of the bag set off ASD. That is to say, it struck her as an overt presupposition of sex.

    Perhaps you could have downplayed it or hid it from sight?

    I imagine the statement you made didn’t help. It was as if you had two appropriate ‘comebacks’ but when put together in a sentence they cancelled each other out and neutralized the tingles which would have let you stay the night.

    For example – “I would never be so presumptous! I’m not that kind of guy” (said with a grin or wink or dashingly evil tone)


    “Yep. Toiletries. Man’s gotta brush his teeth and stay clean ya know.”

    The first one is playful anti-slut defense disarming. She knows what’s going on but her logical mind can deny what is happening, i.e. “I said we’re not have sex, so we won’t be having sex.” Or “He said we won’t be having sex, so we’re not having sex.” End result? “It just happened!”

    The second one is a subtle indicator of status and experience. Your bold assumption of the order of the night’s event’s indicate prior experience and success with women such that you don’t even question it anymore. She’s think “I bet he’s done this before.” Secondly, you also take control of the situation here, but under the radar. Because you took charge of the nights events, and not here, “It just happened!”

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