Kay – Comfort

Some more rambling:

So I still need to write up the other instance where Kay and I had sex (or at least attempted it), but the point is we haven’t done anything since the last attempt.  I still have to give it to her good and dominate her world like Riv talks about on his blog (this one is really good), but I know that it will happen.  I know that I will meet up with her when I am well rested, my stomach isn’t all fucked up (I need to figure out what in my diet is fucking up my stomach) and not too drunk (or hungover).  I know I will fuck her good and it will be a fucking great time.  I look forward to it, but at the same time, I know the mentality of abundance and being relaxed/confident is what will allow it to happen.

I think she’s picked up on this, or at least she knows that the physicality won’t be a problem, we just got started off on the wrong foot.

Yesterday was mother’s day.  I’d messaged Kay earlier in the week to offer her a mid-day week to meet up and have a Bring The Movies date because I was pretty much busy all week except for that day and over the weekend I had one big poker tournament to deal and another private birthday party event to manage/deal which took out my Friday and Saturday evenings.  And of course, mother’s day on Sunday.  Plus I had my last photography class assignment which I thought I had to turn in a week early because I won’t be here next week for the last day of class.  Slammed schedule.

She said she had hot yoga early the next morning that she’d committed to with her friend so she couldn’t stay up late and that Sunday was her only free day on the weekend (her mom lives out of state).  Then she texted me almost 2 hours later:

<Kay> Possibly dinner/gym [the night I’d originally offered]? We can play it by ear.

<AO> Huh?

<AO> I’m training poker dealing [that night] now.

I figured it was better to be busy (which I was, although I could’ve changed that) and shut down her offer and catch her on Sunday if possible (or not).

Saturday she behaved over text and I sent her a picture of the beach with the volleyball court and a hot girl player just in the frame (keep her guessing) while I knew she was working.  She was jealous of my getting to play 5 games of beach volleyball for hours on the beach during the gorgeous day, then I sent her a picture of myself looking studly in my tux shirt/vest/bowtie at the birthday party event I was managing/dealing that night.  She sent back a picture from her sex toy party  (you know one of those things where some company puts it on and it’s all girls and they do their silly girl thing).

The picture was of her hung up on a door mounted restraint/suspension setup in a short black dress with heels and having to keep her legs together so as not to flash the camera.  I texted her, “I’m not sure whether to be concerned or turned on” along with a picture of the really cool set up at the party I was working while everyone was lighting sparklers for the birthday cake  presentation/singing.

The night ended with me having to stay later than expected at the party (but I got paid for it and got to continue drinking free beer) and it working out as Kay was tired and despite some friends of her out in my neighborhood her wanting to just go to bed.  I went home, met up with Elle’s roommate (who’s a cop and was also just getting home) and had just enough time to slam a couple shots at my house and head to a bar I don’t have ANY hookups at.

We were supposed to meet up with Elle and my friends at the late night bar, but her roommate’s friend’s girlfriend was bartending at this other bar he and I headed to.  He wanted to go meet up with Elle and co, but I said no let’s stick with the original plan.  What I didn’t tell him was that I’d been wanting an in at this bar for a long time as they are upstairs and it’s a little more upscale/older crowd that is really hard for me to break into.  Also, the bartenders don’t give a FUCK about anyone unless you’re in the in crowd.  There’s next to zero opportunity to get into the in crowd unless you know someone.

I forgot my wallet in the car, but he flashed his badge and vouched for me, we walked right in, got two practically clear pint-glass rum and cokes and the bartender bringing the manager over for an introduction.  Manager was pretty cool and real friendly, he had assumed that I was the cop but I corrected him and had a chance to do some connection with him through talk about locals shit.  The bartender got us three a HUGE shot of tequila and despite me hating that liquor and the manager not wanting his, I downed two of the fuckers.

Fuck that hurt.

But I’d done my best job trying to get an in at this place and we got hooked up massively.  Our bill was ridiculously small, he paid it, I handed him cash for a large tip (that I thankfully had in my pocket)  and we headed to the late night bar.  Once there the bouncer wasn’t letting anyone else in (very busy night) and was physically blocking the entrance with his ENORMOUS back.  Of course, I know this guy through Elle (he loves her and is also a fucking cool ass dude if he knows you) so I grabbed his arm, turned him around and gave him shit and he got a huge smile on his face and laughed.  Elle’s roommate was pulling his ID out and I told him to put that shit away!

Elle bought us a round inside and we all had a riot of a time until closing.  I kind of stepped on her toes broaching a subject with her roommate that is pretty sensitive, but fuck it, she wasn’t going to bring it up and I felt a little bit of a duty to bring it out in the open so it could get addressed.  I am the conflict manager.  Hard to escape that tendency.

So what the fuck was I saying?  Oh yeah, Kay.  Sunday I talked to her in the morning after my ASS EARLY conference call in the next beach town over which I was fucking hung over for but just made it only a few minutes late to.  After the call the town was foggy as heck driving back so I talked to her about that and her Sunday plans and she said she didn’t know for sure where she’d be but to definitely call her when I got done with my family.  I sent her a couple pictures of the stupid good shish kabob’s I bought, prepped, and bbq’ed for my mom and brother, then gave her a ring afterwards.

Turned out she was almost taking a nap but needed to give her dog a bath (from being at the beach for 2 hours earlier) and finish putting away all her laundry and shower as she was “gross.”   I told her I was close by and I’d just stop by and chat with her, maybe take a nap.  This ended up being a great decision as her roommate (my friend) was home but downstairs the whole time so I just went and laid down on Kay’s bed while she folded/put away laundry and chatted.  She told me all about the sex party, showed me what she’d bought, talked to me about all kinds of stuff.  It was a real hot day but she had her fan blowing almost directly on me so I was super comfortable.  Perfect Sunday laziness/rest/conversation.

Oh, almost forgot.  I’d made a high quality 10″ x 6″ ish print of a photo I took on my cell phone of her and her dog on the beach at real low tide during the day with beautiful sky/light clouds showing and also reflecting REALLY nicely off the wet sand underneath them.  She’d posted it online a while back and all her friends/family were in love with the picture so when I was in my photo lab I made sure to sneak in a print of it.  I wished her a happy mother’s day when I handed it to her.  She really liked it.

I made sure to mix up the chatting with some flirting/joking and gave her some really good ass slaps and pushing her around when she deserved it.  She was very attentive to my needs, getting us water and making sure I was comfortable.  After her laundry was done she sat on the bed with me and showed me some family/party/event videos and then afterwards started showing me different pictures I hadn’t seen, many tame, but others including her friend’s bachelorette party, her riding a mechanical bull, and the rest of the pictures from the sex toy party.  I played it very cool as I knew she felt gross and wasn’t going to have sex and that this wasn’t about that, but definitely understood how open she is to her and I and physicality now.  Huge thing in my eyes her being that open to me, showing me the different lotions and such she bought and whatnot.

Besides, I didn’t smell, but it had been a REALLY hot day and I was nowhere near fresh and if I’m going to whip it out it will NOT be when it’s funky.

While she was showing me pictures I was starting to get pretty drowsy so I laid down fully while she sat.  Somewhere in there, I did some stretching (back is still sore from an intense core workout last week) and she offered a massage.  I didn’t really react to that, just continued looking at pictures, so when she was done showing me pictures she just went into having me lay on my stomach so she could massage my back.  She tried to start with my shirt on but obviously wanted it off so I pulled it off while she still was straddling me sitting on my ass.  Pro move because then I turned around and gave her a look.  I laid there while she gave me a pretty damn good massage, with my arms at my sides, occasionally caressing her legs and flirting some more.  With her straddling me, her ass was at the perfect position for me to smack it when she’d say something sarcastic.

She even massaged my neck pretty good while I laid my head face down between a couple pillows to try to isolate the muscles.  On the last part I surprised her because I held my breath for the better part of 2 minutes.  People don’t understand how easy this is when you’re not moving and you know how to relax so you minimize your oxygen usage.  I do this in the pool/hot tub occasionally and when people are around I tell them I’m going to do it and to leave me alone but invariably someone always freaks out and tries to get me to surface.

We took too long, or she would’ve gone to In-N-Out and picked up food for me.  She’d offered earlier and I didn’t take her up on it because I was enjoying her company so much.  All in all just a great time resting, chatting, and flirting with her while she took care of her stuff and took care of me.  It was pretty late at this point so I told her I was going to take off and grab some food on the way home, thanked her for the massage, and lifted her up to crack her spine before smacking her ass, kissing her and exiting off into the night.

My normal reaction would be to immediately reciprocate the massage, but I realized that she just was enjoying my company and the massage and attentiveness was the result of my building comfort with her as well as reciprocating for the nice gift I brought her and so I chose not to really do much back for her like my normal reaction would be.  I’ve got to be careful about being too giving as it’s a natural tendency for a girl I really like.


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  1. Good call on the holding back. They’re gifts given freely. If you immediately return the favor it’s as if you feel obligated to do so, a feeling girls hate to feel. When they see you exhibiting the feeling, they feel it themselves, and that’s how the cookie crumbles.

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