Locking Your Venue Down

Many people have covered this topic (Assanova, VK’s Empire of Dirt, and of course The G Manifesto), but Return of Kings just made a great post on the topic so I thought I’d post my reply to the comment thread over there.  You can see it below:

“The guys who are hating on the money spent are the same guys who would step over dollars to pick up pennies.

They don’t understand that the money spent is an INVESTMENT in their future.

You cannot even BEGIN to imagine the looks you get from 3 pretty girls who have been waiting in line for a while as you walk right past them after vouching for friends of yours and you all walk in, no cover, no wait, no ID check. The look of shock coupled with the wetness between their legs is a stunning sight to behold.

The squeal of delight from the really hot female bartender when she recognizes you’re the asshole (giving her shit from the other side of the bar as she drops her credit card holders in a clumsy moment) is music to your ears as you see the cute girls nearby wonder what your name is.

The normally small cocktails poured into pint glasses with overwhelming amounts of liquor in them are just a bonus as is the $20 check at the end of the night for no less than seven of those cocktails (normally $10 each).

But it’s not just the money, you have to show them that you’re a great customer, that you are a cool guy, that you aren’t just trying to take advantage of them like so many other losers.

When you have a place on lockdown it’s easier and way cheaper than building your own club or throwing your own party when it comes to money/effort spent versus the number of women you can meet. By FAR.”

It’s all networking.  Networking is one of the top tools for success.  You can get unimaginable value with the power of networking.  I cannot buy at any price the attractive male manager of my local bar coming over and telling a story about how I once didn’t give him the parking spot in front of my place (I was holding it for a friend) one busy summer afternoon while I’m on a date with a girl.  I literally couldn’t do it because the guy wouldn’t remember me from Joe Schmoe if it weren’t for the fact that I networked and got to know him BEFORE he ever had that situation happen where he came to park in the open spot and I was standing in his way.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/14/2013.

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