Mornings VS Nights

I would put myself firmly in the category of night owl, but I wonder if it’s not just a bad habit picked up from my teenage years, when the only time I could really have time to do the things I wanted to or to have some fun was at night.

I do know that I can be very productive at night once I get my mind going, but I also wonder if that’s not just because I sleep late and generally get up late, not leaving myself enough time to shower, make breakfast, relax a bit, and get ready for the day.  Even worse, I probably don’t sleep enough.

Do any other night owls out there wonder if they should really be a morning person?  Has anyone employed a change in habits in this area and been completely surprised by their increase in productivity during the day?

I had to get up 6:30 this morning so I could get ready and drive over to a chiropractor appointment at 7 AM (I screwed up my neck at the gym doing overhead presses and then exacerbated it worse on the volleyball court a day or two later).  I’ve REALLY been enjoying the morning.  I didn’t sleep well and was super stiff/sore/in pain this morning even though I tried to sleep in the recliner instead of my bed to alleviate those symptoms, but after my appointment with my friend he really helped that a ton.  My morning has been really productive and I’ve been very thoughtful.

I even stopped at a couple different places on my way into work where I saw different subjects that looked really interesting in this morning’s diffused light.

Maybe it’s just the lack of sleep talking.

I was telling Kay yesterday morning that while I don’t feel like I’m a morning person, once I’m awake and alert (sometimes takes me just a bit) I do really enjoy the mornings, especially spending some time by the beach before starting the rest of my day.

~ by aneroidocean on 05/21/2013.

4 Responses to “Mornings VS Nights”

  1. I love the mornings, but rarely wake up for them. Theatre work usually is late and varies an end time between 8 pm and midnight. If I want to get a drink or hang with friends after I’m usually up till 2. To get enough sleep I miss the mornings.

    When I can get a week or two of mornings in, its a treat. Im more productive, lift better, and think faster. This coming from someone that would regularly stay up till 3 or 4 am in college and a few years after

    • Thanks for your input. I think both my work and personal time will be improved if I can slide my sleep schedule earlier and perhaps extend it a bit.

  2. Only way I wake up in the morning is if I have someone in my bed and morning sex is soon to follow or I have something I really need to do. It’s not a good look, since I missed a flight not too long ago.

  3. I am probably the same way you are. When I get back to military university, it’ll be a love hate relationship. I sleep better waking up at 0640 and going to sleep at 23/2400. I do more and enjoy the day. But I also hate waking up late for training. As soon as I leave, it’s night owl all over again.

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