I haven’t had a working one recently, but I’ve gotta say that this is an invaluable tool for those of you that drink. Unfortunately most people don’t have the self control to not drink at all for 15 minutes or so prior to using a breathalyzer ( only way to get accurate results) but the fact that you can get near medical grade breathalyzer results for under a hundred bucks, well I think it’s a steal.

I learned a lot about my body’s processing of alcohol and especially how far off most people are on their self assessment of how drunk they are.  I highly recommend that if you drink regularly that you pick up one if these. I used to use the one that doesn’t take any mouthpieces so I never had to deal with them (I don’t even like sharing drinks). The company I bought from just released a new type that links with an iPhone. I don’t see the need really but my breathalyzer was always very popular with others and to my benefit, women.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/30/2013.

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