When girls want you to just shut them up

A short text exchange with Maria:

Backstory is that I talked with Maria on the phone last night for a little bit, catching up with her latest family drama (she had a death in the family and has been travelling for related events), and going over what’s going on with her foot.  She has a sort of wound at the base of one of her toes that has gotten worse, she texted me about it yesterday so I brought it up.  I told her I’d have my neighbor who’s a dermatologist let me know if he would be willing to take a look tonight.  Today:


<AO> Hey, [Neighbor Dermatologist] said he would be happy to look at your foot.  When will you be home?

<AO> He is heading home pretty soon and will be around

<Maria> OK, that would be cool.  I will probably be home 6ish.  I told Elle I would drop off her skateboard so maybe when I do that a little later.  It doesn’t look any worse so maybe I can hold off too and see what happens.

<AO> No.  My friend [Neighbor Dermatologist] is going to look at it and that’s final!

<Maria> Haha.  Probably not his ideal thing to do on a Friday evening but ok!

Because this is too much in the same vein as her prior response, I sent:

<AO> Would you shut it?

<AO> I’ve got you

<Maria> Ha yes I can do that.


I contemplated sending a “good girl” after her response, but I think I’ll just leave it there.  As a former very blue pill beta working towards becoming alpha/red pill, this has been a huge revelation for me.  Girls WANT you to check them.  They will do it less and less the more you check them, but they innately will go overboard every once in a while until you check them.


In this case, it’s so preposterous it’s obvious.  Who TURNS DOWN a free exam from a trusted neighbor/friend who is a fucking dermatologist because it might be a burden on the guy?  I already told her he’d be happy to look at it.  This guy would do a lot for me and I’m always happy to help him.  It’s a slam dunk easy solution especially since she has to go out of town this whole weekend and she doesn’t have time to get an appointment with her doctor and it doesn’t make sense to go to the emergency room with this likely smaller issue.


In other news I’ve got a 6 or whatever you’d call her from my class asking me if I can go to the beach with her on Sunday (which means her driving to where I live right by the beach).  Gotta make sure I schedule Kay for Saturday or possibly tonight depending on how things work out.  It would be awesome to see 2 to 3 girls this weekend in between getting the rest of my shit done and writing up a resume so I can start looking for jobs in earnest.


Kay has a squatter in the other room (her roommate thought it would be okay since the squatter chick didn’t have anywhere to stay and passed the background check) and she is dealing with that drama, would be good to take her out of it and fuck her good if I can squeeze it in.  Literally.

~ by aneroidocean on 05/31/2013.

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