Kay – is it her schedule or is it her?

Well, Kay has been bothering me with her unavailability and her seeming lack of interest for physicality. It might be just circumstance or coincidence but I have been much too patient.

This weekend I changed that. I had all weekend plans that fell through so I gave Kay plenty of opportunity to hang out with me. Since she wasn’t available I hung out with Maria Friday, then Saturday I helped run a volleyball tournament, met some new female volleyball players, passed out early with ayla wanting to hang out, and then I invited the 19-year-old from my photo class that ended to hang out with me at the beach today Sunday.

She drove out from nearly an hour away, was looking cute, had a great attitude, hung out with me while I ran into multiple friends and got sidetracked catching up with them. Took a nice bike ride with me after mixing cocktails to go for both of us, got in the ocean with me on an overcast day, swam in her sexy bikini for well over an hour and flirted with me, major major props to her for going in the water that long, period. Fucking fun day all  , then I made my move on her in my bedroom and capped it off with making her come a few times, could not believe how tight she was when coming, literally could not get inside her again when she was coming.

Good problem to have.

I suppose Kay will either step it up, or I won’t really care that much.

The funny thing is that Elle is such a good friend that even though she is friends with Maria, she brought a chick to dinner tonight that she thought I’d be into, I showed up over an hour late to dinner, freshly nineteen year old sexed up, and had a good time. Not my style but pretty amazing feeling to show up and have a girl auditioning for you basically after getting laid by a super nice bodied nineteen year old ten minutes prior.

Then hot tub for over an hour with great friends, swam three lengths of the pool on one breath, then came home and had a red pill conversation with the older neighbor lady and wrestled with their dog

What a fucking weekend.

Now I need to kick ass at work in the am

And game of thrones holy fuck.

Let’s call nineteen year old “Shelly”


~ by aneroidocean on 06/03/2013.

7 Responses to “Kay – is it her schedule or is it her?”

  1. Sounds like you were doing it right. You live your life, you invite chicks along for the ride. Sounds like to me, Kay could benefit from having fewer opportunities to see you. It will either turn her around or she’ll fade away and leave you to occupy your time with more available girls. either way you’re a winner.

    • Yeah, you’re right, I definitely need to do more of this. It’s nearly summer weather out right now, the water is warm, I need to improve my financial situation, grow my side work, and see what girl(s) want to come along for the ride.

      It just takes effort and consistency.

  2. congratulations man! like shade zero said, “You live your life, you invite chicks along for the ride.” that’s the ultimate.

  3. […] posted here about this nineteen year old that I met taking a photo class at my local junior college. Well, this […]

  4. You must be hitting your stride.

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