Kay – Good text?

I had a female friend over last night cooking my roommate and I dinner (I’ll make another post re: this girl) and of course, as I went outside to throw the tri-tip steaks she seasoned onto the grill, Kay called me.  I picked up, letting her hear the sizzle of the steaks and then the girl talking to me in the background when I walked back into the kitchen.

We talked a little bit about her weekend activities (she’d gone to a big magic show with some girlfriends, etc…) and mine.  The last interaction I’d had with my leaving her a voicemail and not having got a response back yet.  However, I’d ignored her last two texts prior to leaving that VM (not that there was much of a response to make).  I talked to her for a few minutes, but then told her I was a bit busy cooking tri-tip and was being rude to my friends and also her so I’d call her later.

Later when I was about to give this female friend a massage (her cooking dinner for my roommate and I was in trade for a shoulder massage) followed by hitting the hot tub, I called Kay just to wish her goodnight, but she launched into her latest drama with her male roommate and their potential new roommate.  I listened briefly and told her that sucked and did a tiny bit of comfort before cutting her off and saying “You know, I actually called just to wish you good night as I have to go to the hot tub with my friends and they’re waiting.

Kay was noticeably not prepared for this.  She seemed a little stunned.  I told her I’d text her later and if she was up she could give me a ring.  I’m sure what with the hearing a female in the background in the previous call and talk of going to the hot tub she had her hamster wheel spinning.  She let me go and then I gave the female friend a killer massage (she passed out she was so relaxed) and then left her in my bed and hit the hot tub with my roommate.

I did not call or text Kay last night at all.  This morning around 10 AM:

<AO> Good morning.  Fell asleep last night.  I hope you’re having a much nicer morning than you’re night last night.

<AO> [Picture of my friend’s dog chewing on my fist] Dog says grrr

<Kay> I had one hell of a night and morning.  Didn’t get into work until noon.  Decided to do office work all day to mellow out.

<Kay> I’ve been a hot mess over the past month or so.  I need to take a trip [back home out of state] and regain my sanity.  I hate feeling stressed and unhappy.  It’s not suiting..


So it seems she’s acknowledging her misbehavior as far as being available and the way she’s been interacting with me.  At least, that’s what I take from it.  I’m trying to decide how to respond.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/04/2013.

3 Responses to “Kay – Good text?”

  1. This might be her precipice for becoming like Riv’s Blondie or your Maria. She might sense what’s going on with your other girls and be trying to get out before she gets further entangled when she knows you don’t want commitment.

    Or you’re right and she just wants to get her head on straight instead of behaving poorly towards you.

    hard to tell.

    • Interesting interpretation. I think I’m going to just text her and ask her when she’s off work and then give her a call after I get off work.

  2. I really can’t see where it is at with my experience level.

    The “I’ve been a hot mess” speaks to me as her acknowledging bad behavior. The “regain my sanity” speaks to me as either “it would be insane to lose you” or “it would be insane to stay with you and only be on the side”.

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