Fina – The Other Photo Classmate

I posted here about this nineteen year old that I met taking a photo class at my local junior college. Well, this other chick I’d been teasing/joking around with texted me today about where to pick up our final projects (class is over, but it’s the last assignment that the teacher needed to finish grading after the last class, I had previously offered her and others in the class to pick up their assignments while I was on campus a week ago). I told her where they were, then she still didn’t know where I was talking about so I gave her a quick “it’s right fucking there just walk” type message and she found it. Later she texted me:

<Fina> Should have had you pick up my photos
<Fina> First this guy asks me where an AA meeting is, then asks for my number
<Fina> Charming

*an hour later*

<AO> Want to get a drink?
<Fina> I don’t think my boyfriend would approve

*an hour later*

<AO> He wouldn’t be invited
<Fina> Hahaha
<Fina> You’re too funny

Not sure where to go from here, but it’s funny how what I formerly would’ve thought was a fucked up response (“He wouldn’t be invited”) is WAY better received than I ever previously thought possible.

Not really sure how to pursue from here.  I will likely go radio silent until our other classmate (older lady) has a housewarming.  All three of us would crack jokes in class.  Okay, well the older lady and I were better at it, but this Fina chick would always be laughing.

I think she may actually have a boyfriend.  I want to bone her nerdy, slight baby fat ass.

She also has facial piercings and a little bit of tattoos.  Why am I attracted to her?


~ by aneroidocean on 06/06/2013.

One Response to “Fina – The Other Photo Classmate”

  1. I imagine you are reading slut/freak tells (besides the fact that she has a nice ass) and wish to see how far you can go and dominate this girl, a la Riv. I say this having recently read comments of stuff he’s made his girls say.

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