Love Women

My comment on this great post on the Blackdragon Blog:

Great, great, great post. I think this is why I’ve been able to maintain the open long-term relatioships that I have as well as the one long-term FB. Keep in mind that these girls are worthy. When you mix the two and really reward them for their good behaviour they want to take care of you and do things for you that are WELL worth the effort to “love” them. Above and beyond what you listed. They will really go out of their way to please you, to take care of you, to do things for you that they wouldn’t do for any of their best friends.

Also, you may not have mentioned it, but I think that there is some enjoyment in taking care of a woman when she really truly appreciates it. I feel that this is part of my masculinity and the truly feminine woman complements it well.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/07/2013.

One Response to “Love Women”

  1. Good post, but a few too many acronyms for my taste. I understand some of them with basic familiarity with manosphere jargon, but the ones like “MLTR” and “LSNFTE” escape me.

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