Yoga Chick

This is the story of a week of Yoga Chick (in progress):

So I met this Korean Chick through the volleyball community who does Yoga and who the heck knows what else.  It sounded like she was a ninja and did everything as a child.  Definitely bright, 4-5 years older than me, but in really good shape, good smile, cute, very fun/high energy.

Like this except a better face, but older too and more tan:

Trouble is, she’s asian and while attractive, just doesn’t really do it for me.  I mean, sure, I could fuck her, but if I’m not really that into a girl and she’s associated with the vball community, I’d rather steer clear of physicality.  The sand talks as they say.  Seemed like a cool girl, though, and she got my contact info and inserted herself into my life a bit.  She’s stayed with my female friend who lives not far off so she could play games down on the beach without having to drive far inland to her place, so she would sometimes ask if I wanted to hot tub or just get together and hang out when she was bored over there (not a lot to do at our mutual friend’s place).

A few nights ago Yoga Chick texts me:

<Yoga Chick> Oh my god! I can’t move!!!!! [she’d played 4-5 days of volleyball in a row]

<Yoga Chick> I was going to go get a REAL massage but I was hoping you would give me one instead… Puleeeeeeezzzz!!!!! I will cook you both [my roommate and I] dinner!!!!

<AO> Woah! I’m sorry to hear that.  I’d be happy to help you out tonight but I’m at work until at least X time, and I can only reall use my right.  Freaking left shoulder is killing me

<YC> Oh Snap!  We can exchange massage!!!

<AO> I’d rather have you make dinner!  Hahaha

<YC> Dinner it is!

<YC> Hmm…..

<YC> What do you like?

<AO> Healthy.  Veggies, lean meats

<AO> Dunno.  I need to get some steaks

<AO> You make a suggestion

<YC> Steaks… :( sad about the other ones? [backstory is that I’d bought a ton of steaks and then accidentally missed putting them when putting stuff away in the refrigerator]

<YC> I hate decided…. I just make!

<YC> Deciding

<AO> Loll.  I’ll grab steaks on the way home.  I’ll hit you up later.  I have asparagus and I think sweet potatoes and salad.

<YC> Saaaaawwwwwwwweet!  I will make a salad.

<YC> Before I come we can cook the rest together!

<AO> You know what’s really good in salads? Bosc pear.  That hard brown pear. Sweet and crunchy.

<YC> That’s exactly what I was going to use!

<YC> That was trippy!

<AO> Heh

Then some other bullshit ensues talking about cheese and timing of dinner.  I eventually arrive home where my roommate has let her in and she’s already started getting stuff prepped.  I swing right into the kitchen and start pulling out steaks and ask her if she’s planning on grilling the steaks or not.  She says yes so I show her where the spices/seasonings are and go outside to fire up the BBQ.  When the steaks were ready I fired ’em up to the perfect spot between medium rare and medium (roommate and her like medium, real men like me prefer it medium rare or rare).  Her salad was pretty decent (I do better, but definitely respectable) and the steak she seasoned well and I cooked and sliced beautifully.

The plan afterwards was to do the massage and hit the hot tub.

Since she’d fed my roommate and I as well as rubbed my shoulder/neck pretty good, I figured I’d give her a real massage.  Since I don’t have my friend’s massage table at the moment, I directed her into my bedroom and had her lay front-side down on the bed with her shirt off and just sports bra/shorts while I lit a row of five candles in front of the mirror on my low wood dresser.  Then I killed the remaining light and opened up one of the bottles of scented massage lotion I keep on my dresser.  Eucalyptus Spearmint, she asked what it was and squealed in delight when I told her as apparently it’s one of her favorite scents.

I’m not trained in massage, but I know my way around.  I started with her shoulder that was in pain and rubbed it down until I found all of her knots and problem areas and worked them out accordingly.   I then did the same for the left side, then to the neck and then back to the right side.  Then I moved down her spine to her lower back which is also kind of fucked up and worked that out quite a bit.  By the time I was done with this she was bye bye drifting in and out of consciousness.

I woke her up a bit massaging her upper, middle, and lower ass as well as her hips and around the sides of her legs.  She was definitely feeling it.  Wondering how I knew all those spots then visibly vibrating from all the tension in her muscles I’d released.  I then went back to the neck for just a little bit and since she carries some tension in her jaw I massaged her jaw muscles and covered her ears with my hands and digging in a bit under her ears (which is a spot I enjoy myself).  Then I went back to the butt/hips and continued down her legs to her calves.  By this point I’d taken my shirt off and opened the window as it was getting real warm and I had started to sweat.  One last thing (and a technique I like to end on) was to give her the loose finger chop all over her body in the areas I’d massaged, then a short caress of her upper back and shoulders before coming down off the bed.

My roommate still wanted to hit the hot tub and I couldn’t bear to wake Yoga Chick so I blew out the candles and left her in my bed while the roommate and I hit the hot tub and the heated pool for about an hour.  When I returned, I woke her up and ordered her to roll over so I could get her and I under the sheets and then I went to bed with her cuddled up to me all night.

The next morning after I took off for work I got:

<Yoga Chick> My shoulder and whole body feels amazing!

The next day or two she came to the gym with my roommate and I.  A couple nights later she wants to massage trade.  Last night actually.  I told her I had a date and that I’d be home after that, possibly late.  You can read about my date with Kay here.  I told her if she was around then we could do a quick massage trade.

I texted her at almost midnight:

<AO> Still up?

<Yoga Chick> In the hot tub with [my roommate]…

<AO> Just starting or finishing?

<Yoga Chick> 15 mins tops…

<Yoga Chick> Should I come over?

<Yoga Chick> I’m bored! Everyone here is sleeping!

<AO> I got five on it

<Yoga Chick> Lol!

Then I showed up less than five minutes after my text and since I have a key walked right in the gate and then the hot tub/pool area.

What happened next?  I hung with her and my roommate in the hot tub for at least another half hour, chatting and hanging.  She was pretty drunk off of our mutual friend’s stash of free 1.5oz liquor bottles, so I shared the one she had just opened with her.  She came back with us afterwards, my roommate passed out, then she gave me a shoulder/neck rub while I showed her some badass photos I took of the best sunset so far this year.

Then I laid her down on the couch and kneeled on one side and stood on the ground with the other leg, straddling her.  Gave her a good shoulder/upper arm rub down and then worked on her whole back some, finishing with some ass/hip action.  She was super sore from doing squats so I had to make her endure the pain to get some release there.  Then I told her she could sleep on the couch or in my bed but that I was going to sleep immediately, fucking exhausted.

She joined me in my bed, but since she was so drunk she kept presenting to me and rubbing trying to rub her hands on my dick, run her leg over my crotch, etc…  I kept cockblocking her because like I said she’s not my type.  Still, as a man, this is pretty damn tough.  I fended her off here and there during the night when she’d wake up and again om the early morning.  Once she really woke up and was less drunk in the late morning I told her about her antics.  She said she didn’t even remember my massage on the couch.  Then later this morning she sent me:

<Yoga Chick> Sorry I was such a whore last night! Lol! Thank you! And I do remember your one leg mounted bootay rub!

<AO> Hah it was mostly a shoulder and arm massage.  Nice try!

<Yoga Chick> I guess there was a lot of trying I don’t remember…

<Yoga Chick> Lol!

<AO> Yeah, you were very persistent

<Yoga Chick> Oh snap! What can I say you must have been irresistable :)

<AO> Nah, I was just placeholder man :P [earlier I’d told her that she needed to get laid when we were laying in bed before i took off for work]

<Yoga Chick> Oh wow….that’s a little extreme

<Yoga Chick> I will keep my hands to myself tonight! [I told her that tonight for my client’s friend’s party (where they’re getting a limo(s) and bottle service) she could be one of my hos]

<Yoga Chick> Lol!

<AO> Dork

I am NOT trying to bang this chick.  Most guys would.  I stick to my guns, I don’t think it’ll be worth it and she’ll be more valuable as an orbiter of mine.  This makes her want to bang me even more.  Even if she won’t admit it today (she’ll blame her definite drunkenness), her actions while drunk prove otherwise.

That ended up being a lot longer than I meant it to be.  This chick has a dancer/yoga/fitness body that a lot of guys would eat right the fuck up.  When we were at the gym she was doing some CRAZY fucking yoga poses that looked almost like breakdancing moves.  Shit was unreal.  Yet she wants my out of shape ass.  It’s funny to me.


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3 Responses to “Yoga Chick”

  1. Oh the problems you have some men would kill for.

    Hahah – I enjoyed this story.

    • Haha, true. I’m sure there’s some other guy’s problems I’d kill for out there.

      Sometimes I need to read shit like this that’s happened in my life to remind myself of how far I’ve come. It’s easy to forget that, especially when I get hard on myself for wanting to be in such a much better situation. Just have to take steps. Last time I was frustrated it was with Kay and not being able to see her on my terms and get a real quality bang from her. Then I got the nineteen year old to come out and banged her same day (I’d known her for a while in class) and she was feminine and willing and worked around MY schedule. So much of life is just taking steps to get where you want to be and then enjoying it when you surprisingly arrive somewhere you didn’t think you were that close to.

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