Maria Fun

So last night I had Maria over.  I texted her from the gym pretty late and asked her if she wanted to hang out:

<AO> Hang in an hour?

<Maria> Hey, yeah.

<AO> Cool.  Hit you up when I leave the gym

<Maria> Sounds good

<AO> Leaving gym.  Am going to shower then clean up dishes.  Come by whenever you want

<Maria> Cool.  I’ll probably be over in about 30.

<AO> Hungry?

<Maria> For something sweet haha

<AO> I better shower then!

<Maria> Lol

<Maria> Brown Sugar?  [I’m tan duh I live by the beach]

<Maria> Heading over

[At this point I hadn’t showered yet, was JUST barely getting to my dinner]

<AO> I”m stinky! :)

<Maria> Yay!


She showed up and I gave her a big stinky hug.  Then I brought her over to where I was eating finished eating my dinner while chatting with her, feeding her, and making her a cocktail.  Then we watched Game of Thrones (she fell asleep, I finished it) and I woke her up to get in bed.  I was exhausted, but I starting kissing her, touching her, then playing with her clit.  Kept all her clothes on except for her pants and made her come really hard. When she’d recovered I kissed her some more and she went down on me for a bit, then I told her she needed to take off all her clothes for me and give me her pussy while she sucked me off.  Then we passed out after I finished and she swallowed every drop.

Today I was thinking about how tired I was and that I just made her get on top of me while I laid there and that when playing with her I was just laying down next to her (my shoulder/neck are kind of fucked up at the moment) so it was all kind of passive.  I decided to send her an aggressive text this evening, just to keep her on her toes:

<AO> I didn’t have any energy last time….but next time I’m going to push you down on to the bed and hold you down while undressing you with my eyes, then tease you and kiss you deep, then suddenly turn you over stomach down on the bed, rip off all your clothes, and…

<Maria> Push hard deep inside?

<Maria> I meant to tell you your stubble felt really good last night.  I almost lost it for a second time.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/11/2013.

2 Responses to “Maria Fun”

  1. Oh and I did shower before the 69 session. I’m not a savage.

  2. Your handling of this women and others suggest otherwise you misogynist!

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