I am scared of wasting my money

Brave man to be so harsh on himself (calling himself a boy with the way he manages his money which is real harsh…but kind of true…financial acumen and responsibility is definitely a true masculine/alpha trait).

My other comments on his actual post if you’re interested.

Rivelino's Diary

i am scared of wasting my money
so i don’t handle my money
i don’t manage it actively, i don’t love it, take care of it
and since i don’t love it and respect it and take care of it
i waste it
and the more i waste it
the more scared i am of wasting it
i am in a downward spiral now
that negative loop

i need to get out of that

i need to love my money
oversee it
manage it
take care of it
nurture it
not obsess over it
but tend to it
nurture it

i make the excuse that “i don’t have time” to do that
but that is the most bullshit excuse i’ve ever heard
i spend so many hours a day working to make that money
i better have time to take care of it!

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~ by aneroidocean on 06/12/2013.

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