I text the nineteen year old sporadically, thinking that I should be able to keep her on the hook until I can see her again.  This afternoon I text her and say:

<AO> Will you join me later tonight for a movie and some wine?  Maybe hot tub

<19 YO> I thought you were going to the housewarming [older lady that helped me out in my photo class and who I became friends with has a housewarming tonight after moving]

<AO> Yeah for maybe an hour or so

<AO> Unless you’re too busy having signs run into you [fucking with her about her driving skills]

<19 YO> Hahahahahaha what time tonight? :p

<AO> 10 my place

<19 YO> Oh. Hm. Maybe.

<AO> That too late

<19 YO> Pretty much hahahaha

<19 YO> Cinderellas spell ends at midnight. If I hangout with you tonight it’d only be for like an hour cause I have to drive down there and come back.  /:


Still, she seems like she’s open to it.  I texted her telling her we’ll do it earlier and she can come to the housewarming earlier if she has any interest or can meet me 9 or earlier.

I hope to fill those 2 hours with all banging.  If not, I’ll invite Ayla for a drink, if not, I’ll hit up Maria, if not, I’ll pass out early and be productive tomorrow before the bachelor party I have.

So interesting.  I’d never thought before about the girl I’m dating being young enough that she has to be home at midnight.



~ by aneroidocean on 06/14/2013.

2 Responses to “Cinderella”

  1. Yep! It’s charming when you get back to that point, isn’t it?

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